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  1. I work on test track at Nissan factory. We run every new car on a dyno at speeds up to 75-80 mph for a extended time to test engine before it is sent outside to me. When i get in one it has usually 2 miles on it. I put 3 miles on a vehicle on the test track, doing many obstacle & function checks. Those 3 miles are very extensive things, things a normal vehicle owner will probably never do. We do have a fast track section of the track where we drive the vehicle at speeds of 75 to 90 mph to test vehicle for vibrations, excessive wind noise, steering issues, etc. We slam the brakes hard at the end of the fast track to test brakes, distance of stopping, etc. So to answer your questions, owners manual does give you recommended guidelines for your vehicle, believe me, your truck has been tested very hard in the small amount of miles when you purchase it. Most people never do what the manual suggests, the car company realizes that. We test every vehicle that comes out of the factory. Your truck should be able to handle whatever you give it (within reason) when you buy it brand new, believe me it has already been tested.
  2. Nice truck, i went from extended cab to regular cab on a 2016, i really enjoy the regular cab.
  3. I tried it this morning. I have regular cab 5.3 3.42, 6 speed, the tranny shifted much better, seems allot smoother, brakes felt allot better to me as well, more responsive. These safety features are placed in these trucks by engineering. Grade braking, tow/haul is of course for weight of hauling heavy stuff, but you should be able to bypass these features allot easier. Thank you for sharing this information! I put a post it note on my gear shifter until i train myself to do this everytime i start truck.
  4. Gas pedal also has play in it. A shim back behind it helps with initial acceleration. A thread discussing this issue is on here. Believe me, it helped.
  5. Well, after driving truck to work & back, fixing the pedal made a huge difference. Truck does not hesitate when initial accelerating. I highly recommend everyone to look at there pedal & modify it. You will notice a difference. Thank you FL335i for bringing this up to everyone, would have never known if it wasn't for your sharing of information!!!!
  6. I have a 2016 regular cab, no adjustable pedal, had same issue. I loosened the 2 10 mm. nuts that was on cheap aluminum bracket & stuffed old rubber floormat under right corner, tightened it down, no wobble anymore. Have not driven it yet, have a 55 mile round trip to work tonight, am confident this will help, will let everyone know. Gas pedal should not flex on ANYTHING! , nor should brake or emergency brake pedals for that matter. Very cheap design, probably done on purpose for throttle response.
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