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  1. Old thread, I know...this thread and mod is worth its resurrection. Dude, it looks like you bridged the gap with a rag. What the hell is that? Nice truck btw ?
  2. I second this. I have mine setup with the default 2.5 and have already replaced the UCAs with rough country's forged version. Funny thing about the UCAs is that I can tell that the angle would be *perfectly flat*...if I had another 1/2 to 3/4 of lift. My mechanic said I made a good choice replacing them because of the safe angles how the alignment came out and how well it drives. Hopefully someone shares their experience at 3.2.
  3. Thanks guys. Using a T40 I was able to adjust the left side on mine to sit flush enough for my liking. I didn't have to remove the light. I kept turning the screw and it hooked up.
  4. Thanks guys. I installed mine a few hours ago. This thing is great! Much better than the steering wheel.
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