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  1. Yep - I'm thinking the same solution, just can't seem to find the part number on any OEM parts site. Probably because I'm not using the right description keyword to search, lol, so hoping someone might know.
  2. Snapped a couple of pictures of the part I'm talking about both in place (just sitting loosely situated) and backside where the adhesive strip - or formerly adhesive strip - is located
  3. 2016 2500 HD Denali I had my oil changed today at the dealer and they also topped off the DEF fluid, so when I got home I popped the hood to make sure it was done cleanly since that stuff is really corrosive if spilled. I noticed the driver's side good weather strip / sealer strip looked a bit loose and I looked to see why it wasn't secured under clips, etc. Turns out the strip is held on by a long sticky strip all the way down and on my truck it apparently was no longer sticky anywhere so it's just sort of sitting there on the ledge beside the motor and doesn't always line up. This is the sealing gasket that sits alongside the engine compartment that guides rain, etc out of your motor and probably has some wind deflection duties as well. The passenger left side is still on solid. I tried to fix it with some VHB tape but it didn't seem to sit quite right without being in exactly the same spot as the OEM adhesive (and didn't stick all that well). It feels like the gasket - which is in good shape other than not having a sticky strip - would get torn up if I tried to peel the sticky off of it. Has anyone encountered this problem and fixed it? I've gone out looking on parts site and can't seem to locate the replacement part searching via keywords like weatherstrip / hood strip / sealing strip/ hood gasket. Anyone know parts #? TIA
  4. Seeing this post reminded me of a question I've had... is truck stop diesel the exact same Ultra-low-sulfur diesel you get from the 'standard' non-truckstop diesel pumps needed for our trucks? My googling the question didn't get an exact answer other than sometimes it's taxed fuel and tinted, and sometimes it's not. Also seem to see complaints that the price is higher. Also found an interesting writeup on approach https://thegoodthebadandtherv.com/2016/04/22/fuel-truck-stop/
  5. Mine is definitely the BedStep, not the BedStep 2... I actually had that thought and asked the AMP folks that same question thinking maybe they shipped the wrong mounting bracket. Your 'added in edit' picture shows the same weird side mounting location as on my GMC. Link to item AMP Research 75315-01A BedStep link https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00VLYU59U/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Interesting on the ability to move the pad, will look into that but don't want to lose any support or rigidity.
  6. I've got the AMP bedstep on the rear and while it's a quality unit it isn't as useful IMO as it should be. Had the same bedstep on my Tundra (called it the 'old man step') and when expanded out it would stick out behind the rear bumper of the truck. Made it very easy to get in and out of the bed. The AMP step on my GMC pushes out the side of truck when extended, not out the back. Problem is, I don't want to climb onto the side of my truck, I want to climb into the bed... so it's placement on the GMC makes using it to climb in awkward compared to the AMP bedstep on my old truck. It's still much lower than the bumper cutout so that's good, but just not where I'd like it to be placed. When I first installed I called and talked to AMP, thinking I'd mounted it wrong - even the stock 'GMC' pictures of it they had on their website showed it sticking out the back. Ultimately they told me it was just the way the GMC bumper is designed doesn't allow it to stick out the back. AMP had great customer service, offered refund, etc. Just didn't want the hassle of uninstalling so left it on but seldom use it. On my GMC Version on the Tundra mounted like this
  7. Just a quick iPhone pic From top left down Quartermaster Karambit Benchmade 755 Shane Sibert MPR Kershaw 2001 ST Rogue Automatic Zero Tolerance 0350ST (Ken Onion design for both ZT) Zero Tolerance 0350TSST S30V (tiger stripe) Top right down 2X Spyderco Tenacious (car and truck knives) Kershaw 1555 BW Kershaw 2415 ST Missing from photo, a Kershaw Tanto
  8. House has been decorated for a couple of weeks but mainly inside... Up until last weekend we didn't have any bags of candy, so I put some cans in the candy bowl just to have something in there .... Everyone likes them so much that they've searched and found single serving packets that I'd like to give out his year. My wife tells me NO.
  9. I bet #3 is the reason for mine suddenly dropping to 'due' for an oil change. I found my email confirmation from my last service / oil change. Appointment Details Saturday, November 5, 2016 9:00 AM Mileage 1,750
  10. Hi John, Thought I replied to this earlier but don't see it for some reason. No, I didn't confirm that during my 1.5k oil change; there wasn't any nag light on the dashboard since it was the initial/early oil change. I typically just look at the window reminder mileage sticker to guide timing. I'll certainly be checking after future changes and watching it more closely in the future. I don't meet any of the criteria (moderate weather, in Charlotte, usually warm up before driving,) to have the life left go to 3% so quickly 3K after my last oil change (or even if they didn't reset it at the 1.5K change). Certainly have towed a bit but probably less than 1K of that and ~8,000lb load with trailer. Ultimately not a big deal if it's accurate or not as I'll track manually, but would like to better understand why it so rapidly decreased.
  11. Thanks, good info! Read the manual and searched the forum, but didn't do a simple google, lol. Reading that makes no sense why my % run down so quickly... maybe they didn't reset it after the first change and I just didn't notice.
  12. I've got 3% oil life left according to my truck message center (and the onstar notification it's sent off to GMC saying I'm due for service. Sticker on my window says I should change the oil at 6,780 miles and I'm only at 4,750 miles on the odometer. I think I had first oil change at 1,500 miles (or close to whatever the dealer recommended for that first change). From the manual: Anybody know exactly how or what the 'calculation' is based upon? I suspect it's just some algorithm based on elapsed time / trip lengths / mileage and not some fancy sensor that measure particulates, oil density, tachyon particles, etc.
  13. Not at all (iPhone) - another reason I want to remove or (now with great idea above) cover up the decal. Useless to me.
  14. A recent thread reminded me of a question I've been meaning to post... Has anyone removed (or attempted to remove) the wireless charging decal on the center console (see pic circled in orange). I don't need to be reminded of the charging functionality or which way to turn my phone every time I get into the truck. I'd hate to try to peel/scrape it or use goof off, etc and find out it's embedded or looks worse once removed. Any removal victory tales / pictures or horror stories?
  15. We've had three on our trailer (22 ft Continental Cargo enclosed car hauler) over the last 8 years so I can recommend one NOT to buy. I know an earlier poster had no issues, but I'd recommend you do not get a Barker branded one. http://www.barkermfg.com/vip-3000.html Trailer shop sells the brand and we got it put on when the trailer was new. Worked great at first, but burned out in 2 years (after slowing significantly over time), they replaced it for free. Second one burned out in 2 years, also slowing down significantly before giving up it's ghost. At this point, you'd say something like once bitten or didn't you learn after the second one? Apparently not - we went looking for a new one but got a super smoking deal on the 'step up' higher rated / higher end Barker model due to our past issues. It was 1/3 the cost of a different brand and with the heavier duty model we figured it would be better. It's now starting to slow just like the others... Basically they have a 2 - 3 year life for relatively light usage (~20 weekend trips to the track each year). We're looking to upgrade our trailer so just hoping it lasts until we get one and can sell it along with the current hauler.
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