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  1. I'm looking to do 2inch wheel spacers on my 08 silverado 1500. I have a 2inch level on 275 65 r18 bfgoodrich ko2's and its a positive 30 offset (18x9). anybody run this setup and know about possible rubbing and the severity of it? Thanks y'all.
  2. Personally id stay away from them, i took mine off after a few years because for one they mad my truck look a lot lower, which im not a fan of, and two, i find them through harsh winters to build up salt on the inside and really rust from the inside out.
  3. I just ordered a Bully Dog Platinum GT Tuner and have heard some good things about it, for an 08 Silverado 1500, with a 5.3 what gains in horsepower and torque should i be getting and how noticeable will it be? Also what will my fuel economy be like with the tuner all on performance settings (right now I get about 14 on 32's?
  4. thank you, i was thinking about a zero offset, maybe i should just go with that
  5. So i just bought 275 65 r18 bfgoodrich ko2's and am looking to get wheels with a more aggressive offset. my wheels right now are a positive 18 which is i believe the same as stock and I am looking into an 18x9 with a -12 offset, does anybody run this here, and if so was there any trimming necessary after installation of these wheels?
  6. I got tires, 275 65 r18, they are ko2's no rubbing at all on the wheels i already have with the positive 18, Im just going to wait for spring to get wheels but i think im going to go with the -12 from what ive found i shouldnt have any issues. Ill be going from 5.75 backspacing to 4.25 which should be able to fit perfectly fine, Im sure somebody on here has done it, and before I place the order i want to find out for sure.
  7. I have an 08 Silverado 1500 on a 2 inch RC level, I want to make sure that a 20x9 with a -12mm offset with a 275 55 r20 tire will both fit without any rubbing and look good, currently I am on an 18x9 with an 18 mm offset. Also will I have the tires sticking out past the wheel wells? Thanks.
  8. I recently was in an accident and my bullbar pushed my grille back and bent the Grille mounting bracket, i have been trying to find a replacement yet cant find the part anywhere, does anybody know the part number or the legitimate name of the part. For clarification, it is the part where the grille clips mount into, directly under the hood latch.
  9. ive cleaned the MAF checked the intake tube for leaks checked the pcv hose, and cant find the leak
  10. ive tried clearing the codes and after about ten miles of driving it comes back on, and the are P0171 and P0174, saying i got a lean condition, yet idle is fine, so i doubt any fuel pump or injector issues, and im thinking my computer just doesnt recognize the increased airflow, but im not sure what to do next
  11. I have recently installed a K&N 71 series blackhawk intake with an airaid throttle body spacer on my 08 silverado 1500, there are no vacuum leaks and my check engine is on. Could this be from my 02 senor not used to the high flow and not reading right? I also have a magnaflow catback system and was wondering what i should do to fix this problem, ive been told a bung spacer could take the CEL away but wont run optimal and a tune would be the best for my truck so my ecu would recognize all of the new flow going on.
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