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  1. Ok, I am looking to add the tow mirrors to my 2016 LTZ.
  2. Did you add the tow mirrors or are they what you are getting rid of? Sorry I am not sure what the DL3 stands for other than it is a mirror, I know there are a ton of options for the mirrors between models.
  3. I was planning on it until I asked what Radco would charge, wasn’t worth my time. Plus then they hold the liability.
  4. My girl got some new shoes, I finally like the stance. Now I have to paint the vent visors, and mirror caps. If I could find tow mirrors with white lights to match the running and cab lights I would do that. First thing I need to do is find a new set of black nerf bars, I am thinking the N-Fab Podiums right now. I am open to suggestions though. For now I dipped the stock ones black.
  5. I did paint the OEM step bars until I decide which new bars I want. I also added the white cab lights and I love the look, just wish I could find tow mirrors with white lights instead of amber.
  6. My girl got some new shoes and rubber, now she just need to find some black nerf bars that will look good. So far I am leaning towards the N-Fab Podium bars, what do you guys think? I am also going to paint the mirror caps and vent visors to match the body color. I am always looking for other ideas though.
  7. Depending on what options and color you have I would trade with a little $ on top.
  8. I have done it on all my past trucks, it looks great. I usually do the stick on ones, but this time I ordered in channel. I am waiting for a few more parts to come so I can have everything painted at once. Sorry no pictures yet.
  9. Until I get my swing cases this is what I use. $15 Harbor Freight loaf bar, and a Dewalt roll case. It works, but the swing cases are much cleaner and more secure.
  10. I am going to add a swing case to each side of mine.
  11. They did everything for $150, not worth doing myself for that.
  12. I had them installed on my 2016 Silverado. I was going to do it myself, but Radco said the would do it for $150. At that price it was not worth my time to wire them and drill the holes. If they screwed up they had to fix it, nothing like a warranty on a job like that. Did a couple sets for buddies on other makes and I think we spent two hours just making sure they were placed correctly.
  13. I do have the factory Bose system installed in my truck, I guess I will have to check their website. Love the plug and play factory, I really don't feel like ripping the whole truck apart. Did it make a significant difference?
  14. Did that cost include the amp? What did you have to do to hook into the factory head unit?
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