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  1. good to know that is normal. I have to admit this truck is pretty impressive. The more I drive it the bigger the smile I have.
  2. So finally got my 2021 Silverado 3.0 crew cab in Oxford Brown. Has a 6" procomp lift and Amp Research steps. Running hostile alpha wheels 20x9 with 0 offset, tires are Atturo Blades AT 35x12.5x20. So the good: Rides great, cut my fuel bill in half, looks awesome and has plenty of power even running the bigger tires. Once I get more drive time I plan on writing a more comprehensive review. The Bad: At 200 miles had to have it towed to the dealer for an auxiliary coolant pump failure. No big deal they repaired it and its been good ever since, have about 1500 miles on it now. So the question I have for other 3.0 owners, what is your oil pressure on startup and cruise? Mine never gets above 30 on the gauge no matter if its cold or warm, is this normal? Thanks in advance. Lonecountry Boy
  3. Wow just had this same exact thing on my 2017, it was a bad abs sensor wire on the left front. Not GM's fault I put a level kit on and forgot to reroute the wire properly. So from my understanding the system will be disabled if it isn't receiving all the inputs from the speed sensors and steering wheel sensor. It will also disable the parking sensor for whatever reason.
  4. bump So would the steering wheel sensor on the column cause this kind of problem? Cause now it will trigger the stabilitrak warning when I make a sharp turn going forward.
  5. One more thing I noticed it seems to do it more when I am on a hill. If it is level and backing up it seems to only do it occasionally. Anybody have a service manual for one of these beasts? Or access to alldata? I would be interested to know what ties all these systems together.
  6. So I have a 2017 CC 4x4 Z71 that has 4800 miles on it with a very strange electrical problem. I was hoping somebody else has had something similar happen so I have some info for the dealer when I take it in. First problem: I noticed that when I was backing up and my rear parking sensor would go off to tell me that I was close to something it would beep for about a second and then the DIC would show that it had turned off. Second problem: Right after the DIC would tell me that the parking sensor was turned off if I had the wheel turned at all the traction control and abs light would come on and the DIC would tell me to service the stabilitrak. It would then tell me there was a problem with the trailer brakes. So I did a little experimenting and these conditions only occur when the parking sensor is active and you are turning either way. You don't have to be moving just the sensor beeping and the steering wheel is turned. If you turn the wheel back to center it clears. Pretty strange just wondering if anybody has any clue as to why all these systems are tied together? Or what could possibly be going on. Thanks,
  7. Anything else I need to know? The leveling/lift kit I want to run requires 4.5 backspacing which you can get with this wheel. Was going to run a 295/70/17 tire which specs out at 33.3x11.6 anybody see anything wrong with this combination?
  8. So I have a 2017 crew cab 4x4, I want to level it and put some wheels on it, problem is the wheels I want only come in 17". The stock rims are 18", so will the 17" work? Or will I have trouble clearing the calipers ? Anybody ran the Moto Metal 955's? Thanks,
  9. Have you tried disabling grade braking? Helped mine quite a bit. Have a 17 with the same symptoms.
  10. So just bought a 2017 Z71 in gray metallic and wanted to do some things to it. I was just wondering if anybody had used this lift? https://www.suspensionconnection.com/14159-chevy-1500.html They advertise it as a 4" with spacers and new control arms. If you have run this what was the verdict? Would like to run a 305/65/18 with this which shouldn't be a problem if I buy the right offset wheels. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Post pics if you have them.
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