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  1. Hello, New to the forum, first post actually. I have a 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 crew cab standard bed gas engine I bought used with 11,000 miles on it from a dealer. A few weeks ago the radio started acting funny - when you changed stations it had a delayed reaction. Then it started getting weirder, like it would only work sometimes, or the sound would come on for 2-second intervals. The steering wheel controls would only work sometimes. Now, none of the controls work at all, it is stuck on an XM station, and stuck at a volume level. I cant turn it off or on, nor can I select another input (AM/FM, CD, USB, Bluetooth, etc.) The wheel control for volume comes on momentarily, but the blue bar doesn't have the blue in it. When it first starting getting weird I took it to another Chevy dealer who charged me $124 to do some software upgraded and said the radio "worked great". I took it in Tuesday morning, and they spent all day looking at it. hey said the called Chevy in Detroit, because they had no idea. So they "think" it is the HMI unit, and want to charge me $1,300 to replace it in the hopes that it is the culprit... Anyone else experience this? It seems crazy on a virtually brand new truck (I am of course JUST out of bumper-to-bumper warranty) And $1,300 to fix a radio?? My iPhone works better! Particularly the speech recognition. Spending $1300 to fix a radio on a virtually new truck is a painfully proposition.. One I'd prefer to avoid!
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