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  1. The first thing Id do if I was you is get a trans thermostat bypass kit. My truck has 130k on it now, unfortunately it needed a 6 speed trans at 95k, the shop that put a reman one in recommended the bypass and it works fine for me even in Mass. It might run a little cooler than it should in the winter for me but you wont have that problem so its a no brainer. I was going to get a diablew tune for my '16 5.3 but they didnt respond to my email, so I just bought a MPVI2+ and Im excited to learn. I do have experience with tuning from 20 years ago when I had an 02 wrx with a utec, those were a pain to tune and from the videos ive seen on youtube HP Tuners looks amazing.
  2. Mostly torque converter from what Ive seen online. I had my trans flushed at the dealer at 45k and 90k and the torque converter let go and ruined the trans at 95k.
  3. Im having the same problem. Happened shortly after I got the trans flushed and changed the plugs myself. I originally figured I screwed something up with the plugs but its clearly shuddering and its not detecting any misfires. Also it ran great for a few days with the new plugs and trans fluid. MAF seems to shoot up when it shudders. Im just monitoring with a bluetooth obd tool. Anyone else figure this out yet?
  4. The 3.3 na has 80 something more hp than my 1990 sierra w 5.7 had. Theres nothing wrong with a v6 in a truck these days. Most people have trucks that are way overkill. I was tempted by the ecoboost but concerns about long term reliability and looks pushed me towards a 5.3 sierra.
  5. The pf63e's bypass of 150 kpa is 21.7 psi while the fram xg10575 is listed at only 9 to 15.
  6. Siri drives me crazy with her impatience and inability to understand what I am clearly enunciating. If I could use Waze with carplay it would make it better but as it is carplay is a huge disappointment for me despite being a great idea.
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