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  1. Curious how these compare to the Piaa light bars. Seems like a similar idea.
  2. Truck Wash

    PM'd you.
  3. What have you done to your K2 today?

    You're probably hoping for something cool, but in reality... It's just an extension cord in through the back door, plugged into the dash.
  4. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Put the Christmas Lights on! This is the only time I wish this truck had a roof rack.
  5. I'm looking at this and thinking the same thing. I bet you could make something very similar yourself using one of these $100 Ebay billet inserts, doing some cutting, and installing your own lights. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fedar-Fits-2016-2017-GMC-Sierra-1500-SLT-Black-Billet-Grille-Insert-/132315177859?epid=2219507440&hash=item1ece996383:g:c3cAAOSwBT9ZqeHj&vxp=mtr
  6. Strange vehicle theft

    They make one of those vaults for that compartment as well.
  7. GearOn for Silverado/Sierra

    Reviving an old thread... I really like the idea of mounting my Thule bike carriers in the bed like this for camping. Easier to reach than the roof, and can hide them under my tonneau cover when parked. Drawback is the steep price (250+) for the bars, plus whatever Thule gets for the new bolt kits. For $62, I can get 80:20 extruded aluminum bars (see below). Will take some work on my part to get them to mount to the tie downs like the GearOn, but for that kind of savings, I think it's worth it. For 120, i can mount two rails along the sides of the bed, and have the ability to adjust my cross bars anywhere I want. Anybody see any reason why I shouldn't do this? I figure if this stuff is strong enough to make the assembly machines where I work, it should be plenty strong to hold 4 bicycles.
  8. My 2008 4Runner had an "RSCA Off" switch to turn the side curtain air bags off. I still like my 17 Sierra better.
  9. People with 33 inch tires?

    How bad a hit to mileage have you seen?
  10. http://panavise.com/pdf_indash/751101714.pdf http://panavise.com/index.html?pageID=1&page=full&--eqskudatarq=246
  11. I use this mount from Panavise. You pull the bezel, and it mounts to one of the screws that hold the radio in place. Originally I had it mounted to the left side, but it blocked too much of my view of the touch screen for radio controls. Check out the Panavise site for part numbers only, you'll find it cheaper elsewhere.
  12. The house behind that Sierra looks just like mine. Hey, wait a minute... I'm still very happy with my Westins. I think they compliment the angles on the grill, etc. Now if Santa brings that leveling kit that I asked for they'll look even better!
  13. The driveway at hunting camp requires a running start, good tires, and the leaves to be dry (this time of year). This year we had 2 of 3, because I don't consider the Goodyear SR-A's to be good tires. Being pig-headed (and not wanting to carry all my gear up the hill in multiple trips) I went for it. Happy to say I made it! I didn't think to look at the DIC page until I was already at the top. Here's some pics from the way down. Parked at the top: The top of the steep part. Here's where it gets scary when you get a surprise rain shower and have to drive down on the wet leaves. The DIC pic. -20 Degrees! 4 Wheel Low and 1st gear, she crawls right down.
  14. silverado double cab cup holder add-on

    Ok, so where's the build thread on this? The possibilities are endless! I think I found my winter project...
  15. Thoughts on Bakflip Revolver X2

    Well I was pleasantly surprised to come home today and find my new tonneau cover sitting on the front porch. I only ordered it on Wednesday last week! When dry fitting the rails, I noticed that the seal on the drivers side rail is torn. Total buzz kill. I'll call in the morning for a new one. Other than that everything looks ok. It will be pure torture waiting for the seal to arrive, lol.

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