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  1. what is concerning me with this truck is that my 2014 Silverado had zero chips at 22,000 miles when I traded it in. The paint on this truck seems to chip if you even look at it wrong.
  2. Hi all.. I have a 2016 Silverado that I bought in October of last year. Truck has 2,700 miles on it. I do NOT tailgate and it has has maybe 6 miles worth of dirt road at slow speeds. Affected areas are left fender, hood, both front doors, drivers side rear door, door handle and quarter panel. Is 10 paint chips in 2,700 miles considered normal as my dealer has advised? I apologize as I know this topic has been beaten to death but I'm very convinced that without spending $1,000 on a clear bra that my truck will look like total garbage by the end of the year. I have attached a few pictures if it helps.. Thanks!
  3. Flint, Mi here... 2016 Silverado Crew Cab, Standard box It took me almost 8 months to find a Flint built LT with leather. My only complaint is 12 paint chips in less than 2,500 miles. My 14 didn't have a single chip when I traded it in.
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