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  1. Thanks Grumpy. I noticed today the plastic trim on the B pillar by the seat belt holder is all nicked up from me grabbing the seat belt to pull it over my shoulder every day. Just like my center console plastic trim. It scratches if you look at it wrong. It looks fancy, but damages so easy.
  2. Just like the title says. I am going to take it in to have it fixed, but is anyone else experiencing this? I have to flip it four or five times for the seat belt to actually retract. It's pretty annoying. I didn't find any topics relating, so I thought I would ask if it's just me.
  3. left marker light dim?

    Indeed, there is a very noticeable difference on yours. Mine is a little more subtle, but it's still there.
  4. I had the RC 3.5" on my 2011. It rode just fine. I got the upper control arms with it, and then I replaced the factory lowers with some moog control arms that had grease fittings on the ball joints. When I did that, I went ahead and put new sway bar end links on, oh boy. It drove so tight and smooth. That truck was amazing. I didn't have any problems with that lift at all. I don't know if other people do, but I drove it that way for about a year and had zero issues. It's still driving around here today. The truck was so sweet it sold within a few days.
  5. left marker light dim?

    One of my led strips on my '16 silverado is dimmer than the other. It's apparently how I hold my head. I think the people who have looked at, and confirmed it with me, must hold their head funny too. This is the dealership explanation.
  6. Headlight Jiggle

    I have this same problem with the driver's side headlight on my '16 Silverado too. They told me they couldn't replicate it. I put Spyder projectors into my 2011, and retrofitted those with a high quality Morimoto Mini H1 HID projector kit, and they were rock solid. Bought $50K new truck and they shake like heck. I also have one led strip that is slightly dimmer than the other. Apparently it's how I hold my head....that's their explanation. Chevy really needs to step up. I'm tired of being told I'm stupid by the dealer. Two different dealers tried to do an alignment on my truck. After 13,000 miles the steering wheel is still crooked. The second one stole a $20 USB cable out of my truck. I got back in, went to plug my phone in because I use Android auto, and the cable was gone. Really pathetic dealing with chevy these days.

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