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  1. My light went on yesterday around the time display said 65 miles remaining to empty. Drove another 20 miles or so and filled it up w 27 gallons.
  2. PIT5404B is for the V4 vibration or harmonic hum. It occurs in all of these vehicles. This is not the same as booming or buffeting, but may have a similar cause. There are several threads here that discuss all of these issues.
  3. We have almost the exact same Suburban. White, LT, lux package, 18's...but ours is a 2016. 24k miles. We do not have any buffeting or booming. We do however have the V4 harmonic vibration that is so common in these vehicles. Occurs between 30 and 50 mph.
  4. Sorry for all the questions. Does your Yukon exhibit the buffeting at any speed in V4 mode? As I mentioned before, my Suburban produces the buffeting noise on local roads, in V4, between 30-50 mph. On the highway/interstate, no buffeting, even in V4.
  5. I agree it is more of a harmonic vibration. For me it generally occurs between 30 and 50 mph, with slight pressure on accelerator, in V4 mode. We never feel (hear) it at highway speeds, >50 mph, even in V4 mode. Fortunately the truck doesn't appear to have any of the other issues mentioned...booming, buffeting, ear pressure, even after 23k miles. Maybe it's because it has 18" wheels? I could be I just don't notice it, but I'm pretty sensitive to noise. Ask my kids
  6. What is the bulletin number for the exhaust replacement? Has anyone else on the forum other than Leslie had this done? Strange that it would solve the vibration problem, only to have it return later..
  7. A few people have, yes. When you have a few hours to spare, take a gander at this: http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/162779-2015-yukon-noise-in-cabin/
  8. Are you referring to the vibration that occurs in V4 mode w foot on the accelerator? Or the "buffeting" accompanied by pressure in the ears? From what I understand there are 3 potential issues with these vehicles: 1. V4 vibration 2. buffeting 3. booming (when driving on uneven pavement) Do I have that right?
  9. We took the plunge and went with a 2016 Suburban LT with 20k miles. Wanted one since having a rental on vacation last year, but I was nervous about the aforementioned potential problems. We test drove it for a day before deciding, just to be sure. -It has no buffeting at any speed. The video of the buffeting and roof vibrating earlier in this thread is crazy! -No booming, even over rough roads -The vehicle definitely has a vibration when it switches to V4 mode with slight pressure on the accelerator. We decided that this wasn't a deal breaker. I previously drove a 2015 and 2 2016's and all three had the same issue. Overall we are very pleased with the truck and glad we chose one with some miles (depreciation) on it and a CPO warranty to 48/100.
  10. Welcome Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Sweet! Ive been a fan my whole life. It still feels strange to say the Cubs won the World Series. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Awesome forum. Appreciate all the knowledge and advice. We just bought a used 2016 Suburban LT. Test drove the heck out of it. No buffeting or vibrating problems, as far as we can tell Love it so far!
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