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  1. I think you’re saying the torque converter is locking and unlocking? That causes rpm’s to go up and down slightly but it goes away when you go faster than 60 mph. If that’s the case, the problem can be solved by shimming the torque converter control valve springs with ¼ inch ball bearings. I know because that how my brother in law fixed mine. You just gotta’ find someone that knows what they’re doing.
  2. The torque convertor shouldn’t lock up in third gear, but I know some vehicles are programed different than others. Try running around in third gear without a load on the truck and watch your tach & listen. The torque convertor is most apt to lock under light engine loads. If it does lock then, you’ll know for sure. It depends on the terrain, but in my experience you’re tranny is going to do a whole lot more shifting up and down if you try to use overdrive. I’ve spent many hours pulling trailers on the interstate in 3rd gear and haven’t seen one indication of it hurting a thing. FYI - When I first bought my ‘05 Silverado with 95,000 miles, the torque convertor would not stay locked in until I got over 60 mph. At a constant 50 mph you could see the tach go up and down as the TC locked and unlocked. My brother-in-law fixed this problem by shimming the springs on the valve that controls TC lock-up with a couple 1/4 inch ball bearings. Evidently it’s a common problem with the 4L60 transmissions. Sure was a bunch cheaper than what a shop would have charged me to rebuild the transmission!
  3. When towing through the hilly terrain in Missouri I put the tranny selector in 3rd gear. That eliminates a whole bunch of the shifting it would do otherwise. Your just kidding yourself if you expect to use overdrive while pulling a load.
  4. I will often tap on the panel with my finger and the LED's will come back on.
  5. Keep us posted on what you do Rumm09. I have a 2012 W/T that I'd like to add gauges to someday. By the way, I recently changed the heater control in my W/T and all of a sudden I have a outside temperature gauge in my Driver Info Center display. Just a FYI there!
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