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  1. I wound up cutting like a 1/4 inch off the bolt, short enough to clear the axle, but long enough for the lock nut to still engage the threads on the bolt
  2. I have the Vitesse on my 2016 silverado with a 6.2 and I can tell you it's DEFINITELY worth it. My other truck is a 1998 standard cab long box with a vortec 5.7 with a Black Bear tune and a ported throttle body that is operated by a cable, not drive-by-wire and the throttle response is ABSOLUTELY INSTANT. Switching back and forth between these trucks made me realize how tremendously terrible these newer truck's throttles are. I got a Diablosport intune so I could turn off AFM and found on it there is also a setting called throttle boost. After turning throttle boost up to 20 (max setting), throttle response was better but not good enough. Then I read reviews on how much better ported throttle body's are for throttle response, so I got one from Katech for $230. Not much difference at all, much less than I was expecting. Then I got the Vitesse throttle device because it was 100 or so dollars cheaper then a sprint booster, and that made all the difference in the world. Truck is sooooo way better to drive now and on the very hilly rural back roads that I drive it was completely impossible to maintain a relatively steady speed with the factory throttle having to chase the throttle up and down so much. Now it's very easy to maintain a relatively steady speed. When I first got it I had the setting too high and kept accidentally barking the tires driving through town and leaving stop signs so I just kept turning the setting down until I stopped accidentally barking tires and now the throttle response is nearly as good as my 1998's. If I was going to do it all over again, I would not get the Diablosport (garbage in my opinion), or the ported throttle body (nice quality but not much bang for the buck), and just get the Vitesse throttle booster
  3. Jennabear, in the last cai shootout you guys did on the 2008 silverado 5.3l, you listed the average HP and TQ values as well as peak values. Could you please give us a list of the average HP and TQ of these runs? That way we can compare these intakes throughout the whole power band. Thanks
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