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  1. Okay, so after swapping the bridgeSTONE with Michelin, the truck now performs SO SO SO MUCH BETTER. It is so much smoother on the highway now. No more massage seat and steering wheels. I'd say 90% of the vibration is gone now. I blame the remaining 10% of the vibration is just because of the combination of the body-on-frame chassis and 22 inch wheels. Anyway, I am very happy with the truck now and accept this is a vehicle that is "operating as designed". Like someone else said, this is the best $1k you can spend on your Tahoe/Yukon/Escalade. Hopefully some day, the lazy GM is willing to just spend little more money on their full-size SUV line, switching to Michelin as the OEM tire. Maybe? Or may not be? I am just too optimistic.
  2. Quick update on my vibrating Tahoe, Truck was sitting at dealer for 2 full days. At the end their conclusion is pretty much what I expected - 2 tire were out of balance, and they simply rebalanced them. Here is my service record. Well, at least I know there is no issue with the drivetrain. I guess this s the worst viechle design combination on the world: K2xx+22wheel+bridgestones! Already paid so mich money for a vibrator, I just can't waste more time on this thing. This is a brand new truck after all. Now I am at a tire shop and getting the Mechelin installed. Let's see how it goes.
  3. Hello everyone, First time post here. I got a brand new '16 Tahoe LTZ in November and it has vibration when driving on smooth road with speed over 60km/h, it is mostly consistent and noticeable around 85km/h. It feels similar to what Narwhal said - "small speedbump every 20 feet". I didn't notice such issue until 500+ km. To be honest I didn't even do extensive research before the purchase, since I thought GM's vehicle should be solid and reliable... Anyway. Took it to the dealer on a Saturday and the technician said it is normal for the truck. I called it BS (maybe the guy who works on Saturdays isn't professional enough). Later I kept pushing the service adviser and sales guy, it took nearly 2 weeks for them to respond. During the 2 weeks I ordered a set of Michelin Premier LTX through a friend who works in a tire shop. I am going to install the tires this weekend. On the dealer side I finally got the appointment with the service manager 2 days ago. He did a test ride with me and admitted the issue. I dropped off the truck to the shop this morning for more inspection. They just called and said they need more time as the root cause cannot be determined, even though vibration is detected. They need more time to investigate. Now I am curious to see what they will say tomorrow.... Anyone know how likely the vibration will be corrected by just replacing the OEM bridgeSTONE with Michelin Premier LTX? I am a bit nervous to have the technicians driving my beautiful truck.. If they can't fix the issue tomorrow, I am just going to the tire shop and pay for the Michelin, then might consider making a complaint to GM.

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