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  1. grinding noise upfront

    Well.... it turned out to be a wheel bearing.
  2. Hey guys and gals. I'm brand new here so sorry to just jump in my problems..... I have a 2006 Sierra Denali AWD with a bunch of miles, over 180tho. Recently developed a noise coming from the front left at lower speeds.... it's a grinding noise. Not a clatter noise. Automatically I figured wheel bearing as I've replaced both within the last three years and the sound is very similar. However, the noise doesn't change when turning in any direction. I put the thing on the lift and there's no play showing the bearing is bad. Moving along... I can't see where the dust shield is rubbing (figured I'd look at that even thought I know that would be a higher pitched sound). I swapped my front tire with the back and the noise is still there. The tires are relatively new and I was kind of hoping that would be the issue... sound is still there. I know I'm asking for a miracle in finding the problem through this method.... But' I've searched and searched the ever so amazing internet and I can't find this exact situation..... Any info or pointers would be appreciated!

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