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  1. Now I’m confused! One says zero rubbing with 35x12.5 on stock wheels with the kryptonite stage 3 and the other saying it will rub for sure.
  2. Just installed a Kryptonite Stage 3 Levelling kit on my '21 AT4 HD and I am debating between tire sizes to run on the stock wheels. Main considerations for me are; - no rubbing on frame or control arm at full lock or during suspension articulation while driving off road. - ideally no wheel spacers to make it work - trimming or tying back liners is no issue but id rather not start hacking things up beyond that. Tire sizes I'm looking at 35x12.5R20 - which clearly fit no problem as per the above post. Very similar to stock size (except wider) which looks a bit on the small side with the levelling kit (IMO). 325/60R20 - has anyone that's run this size on stock wheels that can comment on fitment? This seems like the best size IMO, also comes in factory load & speed rating which is nice. 37x12.5x20 - Sounds like these work with no cutting just wheel spacer and some trimming? Any & All comments are welcomed. Looking at the Toyo AT3 as my favourite. Unfortunately they're hard to find in Canada right now, especially in the 325/60R20 size.
  3. This is phone related for sure, search CarPlay in your phone settings and you should be able to get it sorted.
  4. Put my sled deck on my new ‘21 AT4 HD and connected the deck wiring to the 4pin connector in the box so that the clearance lights etc are controlled by the truck lights as they should be. Trailering app detects that it’s connected and if I tell the truck it’s a trailer, rear park assist is turned off - which makes sense. when I tell the truck it is an “accessory” the rear park assist is still turned off by default and CANNOT be turned back on unless the deck is disconnected from the truck. Not sure why they didn’t make and adjustable setting for this situation, or just enable the rear park assist when you select that a accessory is connected. has anyone else had this issue or found a work around for it? I’ve searched the manual and all the settings menus and can’t find anything.
  5. Great looking setup, have the same truck ‘21MY and looking at the same setup. Did you go with the 3” levelling kit that is control arms, keys and longer fox shocks? If so, how is the ride? Any trimming or removal of parts to avoid rubbing or does it rub at all? Thanks!
  6. Listed for sale $ 29,000 USD or $ 37,00 CAD with all listed extras included. Please PM me with inquiries.
  7. Thanks for the feedback Dan, from all the research I did this felt like a fair starting point considering the miles / condition and extras. It's middle to low on the blue book price range for this truck as private sale. As for the company truck, it's not going anywhere. Due to my position I can say that with certainty!
  8. Selling my personal truck this spring as it just sits and never gets used now that I drive a company truck. Hate to see it go as I love the truck but It just doesn't make sense to keep it. Truck has only ever been used as casual use / commuting to work, rarely has this truck ever even been off paved road. 2014 GMC Sierra SLT - All Terrain Package Approx 37,000mi on it (59,000km) Clear Title, no accidents or claims of any type, no leins. Truck is owned outright. Very Clean Truck - like new, just a few small paint chips on front bumper and 1 or 2 minor blemishes from idiots banging their doors into it in parking lots. 5.3L Vortec, 5.8ft box, Crew Cab c/w 20" factory wheel package and Toyo Open Country AT2 Extreme 33" x 12.5" x 20" tires - only about 10,000 miles on tires, barely worn. Full load including; Towing Package (never towed a trailer with the truck) Factory Paint matched bumpers front and rear - no chrome Sunroof Power Sliding window Heated seats and steering wheel Park assist system Hill descent assist Hill Start assist Remote start Levelling kit Extang - Encore Tonno - Hard cover, trifold, locable and sealed Bed-liner Front windows 20% tint to match rears GMC premium floor mats front and rear, full coverage - carpet is like brand new C/W 4 General Grabber x-ice winter tires - 90% tread I am sure I am forgetting some features - Truck has every option available for this package, I have the original build sheet if someone wants to see it. For sale $ 29,000 USD Truck is located in Kelowna, BC - about 1.5 hrs north of Oroville Crossing. May be able to deliver truck to other Northern Washington Crossings for a serious buyer. Lots more pictures available, this is all a am able to post due to file size. Any questions or interest shoot me a PM and I can provide my phone number.
  9. Installed the XD xtreme pro LED headlight kit in my 2014 Sierra all terrain and to be honest not impressed at all. With the reviews I read on here I wast expecting them to be great but they’re significantly less effective than the stock halogen bulbs. Everything fits inside the dust cap and easy enough to install / plug & play but the light coverage and cutoff is just garbage. You end up with brightly illuminated ditch on both sides with a dark region in the Center of the road and not nearly the light coverage you need down road, the high beam is a bit better focused down road but does not ‘cut’ the way the halogens do. I’ll be removing these to return them, if XD isn’t willing to take the return then they will be for sale on here ASAP. Please feel free to message me if you’re interested, I have all of about 15 mins of night driving on them. Hopefully returns is not an issue. Disappointed to say the least, going to pick up some good halogens and forget about this waste of time.
  10. Just installed my setup; 305/55/20 Toyo Open Country ATII Extremes and RC 2.5" lift / level and found 2 bits of information for people out there; 1) Toyo rates this tire as 73lbs, I weighted them before mounting and they actually weigh around 63lbs - I find this very surprising. 2) There is definitely rubbing contrary to what others have said, The tire rubs on the sway bar at full lock (not felt liner) I will likely add some 1/4" spacers to get rid of this as its quite a rough rub due to the aggressive sidewall tread on this tire - perhaps that's why this tire rubs when others don't as the sidewall lugs do protrude a fair amount (but certainly not more than a Toyo MT which some report no rubbing with) . Its easy enough to avoid but i'm still not a huge fan of this as i'm sure it induces some pretty good strain on the front end when it rubs. Will let you guys know if the spacer cleans it up.
  11. ill take it just need to sell this EFI live first
  12. is this unit ready to pair with a new truck as is?
  13. Brand New In Box; EFI LIVE - Flashscan V2 - FS2-GM - Scan & Tune tool. Comes with all original paperwork, packaging, (2) VIN licenses still available to use with ECM or TCM of your choice. NEVER USED, still has protective plastic on unit, all cables in original packaging. I received this as a gift and will not be using so up for sale. Asking $750 USD shipped to you anywhere in north america. unit retails for $899USD + tax & shipping. http://www.efilive.com/flashscan/flashscan-v2-with-gm-tuning-option
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