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  1. I don't use any marker. This isn't a precise thing. Just measure to approx the center of the light.
  2. I have always used the same method regardless of the height of the vehicle I am doing it on.
  3. Make sure you check the box of parts as soon as you get it. We received 2 left control arms the first time. Then they sent the right control arm, but with no bushings or ball joint, so they had to then send another. They were very quick to respond though.
  4. I don't think that is a year thing. There are 3 types of control arms that come on these trucks. Mine are stamped steel, and while my tires rub them at full lock it is so little that it took me a few months of checking them before I ever even saw a mark from it. Don't sweat it so much, not a big issue unless you go crazy with tire size.
  5. What is different?
  6. Mine rubbed slightly on the liner so I pulled them back a little with zip ties. it also rubs slightly on the frame,sway bar, and upper control arm, at full lock. Not enough to do anything though, and I have done all kinds of driving in this from towing a trailer to off roading in rock, sand, etc.
  7. 295/60/20 Nitto Ridge Grappler with a 2" level.
  8. I don't know anything about your supercharger kit, but I would assume it uses an air to water intercooler setup? If so, have you verified it is full of fluid, and that it's radiator is clean and clear of debris? Is the electric water pump for that system working?
  9. Dented Front Bumper

    Not always, see the quote below taken from here... https://www.allstate.com/tools-and-resources/car-insurance/hit-and-run.aspx Uninsured motorist property damage coverage helps pay for repairs if your car is damaged by another driver without insurance. In some cases, it may help pay for damage after a hit-and-run. However, uninsured motorist property damage coverage isn’t available in all states. And in some states where it is available, uninsured motorist property damage does not cover hit-and-run accidents, according to the Insurance Information Institute. If you’re unsure what your policy covers, talk to your insurance agent. Uninsured motorist property damage coverage typically has a deductible.
  10. Dented Front Bumper

    Uninsured motorist doesn't typically cover stuff like this as you have no proof that the other driver had no insurance.
  11. It kind of is but you have to account for the fact that the tongue weight is counted on both sides of that.
  12. There is much more to swapping a PCM than just unplug old one, plug in new one. Pretty sure you aren't going to make it happen without the dealer helping.
  13. 20 AWG might be a little small for power to the actuators.
  14. I'm pretty confident you don't need to pull the axle out to get those bolts in. I think when the suspension is drooped all the way down with the upper separated and the shock unbolted, you can get the lower bolts in.
  15. You do not have to remove the cv's to put the shock bolts in from the top. Not sure where that comes from.

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