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  1. Thats what I had on my last truck. The Fox coilover's with external resi's. It truly rode better than stock. You definitely got most people "1upped" lol
  2. Man, what a build. I may do a big lift one day, probably not that big, but bigger than the traditional 5-6". For right now, i'm in the same boat you originally were, level it and bigger tires. Trying to keep it practical for a while, which is very unusual for me since I normally mod the hell out of everything i own.
  3. I was concerned about the ride quality on all of the torsion key leveling kits so I went with the Cognito 4" lift which is a proper lift. It comes as a 4" front 2" rear, which would have put it slightly nose high ( I have 1.75" difference from front to back on my stock AT4). So I called Cognito and talked to them about getting me a 3" rear block instead of the 2" that came with the kit cuz I hate trucks squatting in the rear.. While I was at it, I went ahead and had the standard Fox shocks that came with the kit upgraded to the Fox with external resi's and then added the Cognito upper control arms. I can't wait for this kit to come in and get it installed! Now just gotta figure out what wheel/tire setup I want to run... That's the most stressful part. lol
  4. Thank ya sir! Yeah I probably wouldn't use it often, or at all
  5. No rush, but if you get a chance can you take a picture of what its listed as on your window sticker? My dealer hasn't been much help. They keep trying to tell me that I don't have PTO and I keep trying to explain to them that's not what i'm referring to. They don't seem to understand that Elevated Idle, Fast Idle, and Power Take-off are all different features.
  6. Yeah I don't see it on the window sticker. I'll look into having the dealer set it up
  7. I've read a few things in the owners manual and saw a YouTube video of a Chevy 2500 that had the high idle feature. I have a pretty highly optioned 2500 AT4 Diesel and can't seem to get it to work. Anyone else have the feature and been able to get it to work?
  8. Bump for anyone looking 2500 AT4 recovery hooks
  9. Thanks for the info on this. Just as an update, I put almost 1300 daily driven miles on the truck, haven't towed anything yet, and just tried to add some DEF. Ended up getting about 1/2 to 3/4 of a gallon in it.
  10. I'll try to add some tomorrow and see how much I can squeeze in and update you guys.
  11. Haven't towed anything yet. And as far as the dealer goes, all I did was called one of the service advisors on the phone...maybe i'll take it in one day. Thanks for your help
  12. When I got it home from the 425 mile trip from buying the truck, the DEF tank was half empty, so I topped it off then. So it was filled at about the 500 mile mark and since that point it hasn't moved. Which means I've put 1150 miles on it and the DEF gauge hasn't budged. I'll try to add some and see if it takes it. Talked to the dealer today and they said they hadn't see any where the DEF gauge wasn't dropping, only that the low DEF indicator was coming on prematurely.
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