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  1. What he's wanting done isn't necessarily "custom". I'm not sure about the remote start and rear cargo lights that the OP is referring to because it most likely needs the hardware to go along with a BCM reprogram, but I can tell you from experience that I took my 2020 2500 AT4 to the dealer that did NOT have high idle, and I told them I wanted the feature and they programmed it for me for $200, which is how much that feature costs if it was added when you build out your truck.
  2. I always keep at least 1 jug in my truck on road trips, but around town I always keep an eye on it and keep it topped off.
  3. If any of you fellas with a lifted or leveled 2020/2021 GM 2500/3500 interested in a Cognito PISK, let me know. I sold the AT4 and won't be needing it. It's brand new and never opened Here is my ad in the "For Sale/Wanted" section
  4. I recently sold my 2020 2500 AT4 and I have a Cognito PISK that I never installed and won't be needing. It's brand new and has never been opened. These are $250.00 brand new plus shipping from Cognito. I will take $200.00 plus shipping if someone is interested. PM me or text Chris at 256-280-8289
  5. I used just regular Blue DEF by Peak and never had any issues. Some people tried the Blue DEF Platinum and it caused the truck to display some errors. Also, the pump DEF at many truck stops works perfectly fine and is usually slightly cheaper. It gets used frequently enough that its normally always fresh.
  6. Mine is lifted, and has control arms, but here is how much room I have with my external reservoirs. I'd suggest getting Cognito on the phone. They were very helpful and knowledgeable every time I called in.
  7. I'll always be hanging around some. I loved the truck and will probably end up with another one eventually. I work in the music industry and i'm kinda waiting to see if our industry comes back in 2021. I had a LOT of equity in the truck, so that would float me if we were to have another year like 2020.
  8. I went with the Cognito 3" Premier Leveling kit. I think you have to trim some for the control arms but I have no idea what had to be trimmed since I didn't do the install. The only other thing I had to do was trim the liner and the mud flaps. It rides 100 times better than stock
  9. Not as ridiculous as your spelling. Jesus! Does nobody proof read their messages before posting?
  10. I don't know personally about order times, but I just sold my 2020 AT4 Duramax last week and the guy that bought it owns the local Chevy/GMC dealership in Tennessee. He told me that it would take him 5-6 months for him to be able to order and get a truck optioned just like mine. Hopefully for guys wanting to order, its not quite that bad.
  11. I believe you can order just the shocks, but you could contact them to be sure. I know I saw some of the shocks listed in the description as "for 0-1" lit" and "for 1-4" lift" etc. etc.
  12. I'll jump in on the suspension question. I too have had several sports cars and sport sedans and have always focused on the ride height and ride quality of my vehicles. My 2020 2500 AT4 with the Rancho's were so stiff they'd rattle your teeth. I ended up ordering the 3" Cognito Premier leveling kit which offers Fox Shocks with external reservoirs. I have the ability to soften or stiffen the ride to my liking, and let me tell you, it was a game changer! I would buy this same kit 100 times over. Theres plenty of kits that offer Fox shocks or something comparable, but I specifically wanted the external reservoirs so I could fine tune my ride quality. I can't speak to Bilsteins, but I do know they make quality stuff and most people seem to be very pleased.
  13. You have to relearn the TPMS position of the tires every time you rotate. The sensors don't just automatically know where they are on the truck.
  14. I just sold my 2500 AT4 Duramax with 7800 miles for 73k... $5k more than i paid for it but I did have about $3700 in the leveling kit and 37's. The market is pretty strong if you're patient. I listed mine on eBay and it sold in about 3 weeks
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