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  1. 37x12.50's on stock 20" AT4 wheels. Torsion bars turned up, only rubs the liners.
  2. I went 37's on stock wheels. Got the Cognito Premier leveling kit being installed as we speak.
  3. Wednesday I added 37's to the truck with no mods except cranking torsion keys up. Thursday it went in for the Cognito Premier leveling kit. This picture is with 37's and torsion keys turned up. Minor rubbing on the liner
  4. My AT4 went in the shop on Thursday to have my Cognito leveling kit installed and the installer said to go ahead and get my 37's mounted before I dropped it off for the lift. So before I had my tires installed, I just cranked the torsion keys up and to my surprise, the tires only had minor rubbing on the wheel well liners. Very minor trimming of the liners or maybe even pulling them back and securing them with zip ties and you can easily run 37's. This picture is with my 37's and torsion bars cranked up
  5. Okay, I can understand that. Guess I just need to find one of these dealers that these other guys are using to get it done or is there a programming tool available for purchase so I can do it myself? And the incompetence comment is much deeper than just the tire pressure comment. After this trip i'll be finding a new servicing dealer.
  6. What kind of strings did you have to pull to get your thresholds lowered? My truck is in for the first service and I asked them to lower mine and the shop manager said it can't be done. I'm starting to think they are very incompetent
  7. Not aware of any setting. I checked my camera and it definitely doesn't dim. I wonder if there's some type of light sensor that is malfunctioning?
  8. Awesome! It definitely sounds like some mods i'd be interested in doing
  9. Interesting. Sounds like this may be the way to go. Update us with info if you experience any problems with the truck or dealer.
  10. This is false. Been stated in a couple of different threads here.
  11. That turned out great! I like the big wheel look but not sure I could go 26's. I ended up just ordering a 3" level and 37's for now, but i'm not sure it will satisfy me. haha I'll probably end up redoing it all in a year and do a huge lift and 24's
  12. Here is a great video showing a leveled 2500 with 37's. Now, we have no idea if or how bad it rubs, but at first glance it doesn't appear to be really cut up.
  13. I think if you do a quick Google search, you'll find several new 2500's running nothing but a level and 37's. It will obviously also have a lot to do with wheel offset. I like my AT4 wheels, so i'll be running those just like the AT4 i posted above. I don't mind cutting the truck up... won't be the first truck
  14. I do like it, and its usefulness has come in handy more than I ever thought it would, but it does still feel kinda cheap to me. Guess we'll see if it holds up to the test of time Let me also say, I have the Kicker speaker system in my tailgate and its complete GARBAGE! A small quality portable bluetooth speaker will blow the Kicker system out of the water... and not cost near as much.
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