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  1. That would work for someone who doesn't drive their truck everyday but for a daily driver to hide their truck is very unhandy
  2. Get an outside dog and a good 45 calibur handgun that's what i use for security
  3. Lift the hood up and check its easy to tell an electric fan will have wires to a motor
  4. Unless you drive thru brush or heavily deer populated country a grill guard is a waste of money some of them are so heavy they throw off the alignment and cause unneccessary tire wear, your call
  5. flushing a transmission at 95K ? Do you pull a heavy trailer? or drive it like a car ? Are you planning on keeping the truck forever ? I would never flush a transmission unless its been in flood waters I've had many Chevy trucks go 250k to 300k just dropping the pan and changing the tranny oil in the pan with filter Flushing is a waste of time on a tranny that's not giving trouble Also I've never had problems getting the pan off on several model yrs as for service intervals I go 50k to 60 k seems to be about right for me
  6. I would advise against it all the crevises and cracks and hidden areas you can't see still with original paint would look tacky and unprofessional no matter how particular you try to paint all areas Plus I'd think it would hurt the resale value as well
  7. Active fuel management is when the engine isn't under much load it will switch from 8 cylinder power down to 4 cylinder by shutting off fuel injectors to those cylinders
  8. depends what climate you drive in ? I use 10w 30 year round since I am in hotter temps more then cold and also my trucks sit in a heated garage on chillier nights
  9. Nothing to think about , if I have a transmission go 250 to 300 thousand miles its game over anyway for my trucks towing trailers even after that the next guy can worry about it by then the rest of the drive train will be shot too so no harm no foul
  10. A half quart of oil you say? I think you probably have some major engine damage as result wonder you didn't spin a rod or main bearing as for installing a larger engine good luck with that unless you wanna change out a lot of other components
  11. If you like doing your transmission service that way and you feel like it helps go for it, All I'm saying is I personally I change trans fluid plus filter every 40- 50 thousand miles depending on how much towing I've done and had several chevy trucks make it near 300,000 without major issues , your way would be a method I'd choose for a water contamination problem or a vehicle that was in flood water but in the end I guess its what you feel comfortable with
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