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  1. Just replaced my standard factory DL8 mirrors on a 2017 Silverado LS with tow mirrors (DL3 equivalent). ebay had a very nice aftermarket mirror set for just under $200. Truck lacked the additional 3 wires in the door harness from door pillar connector (X500/X600) to the factory mirror connector behind the door panel, so had to run those three additional wires through the door - Turn, Front marker, Backup/Puddle. The new turn+marker LEDs were straightforward connections. GM appear to have two wiring options for the white 'backup'/'puddle' LEDs however:- 1. X500/X600 Pin 3:- circuit 5996 - "Rear View Mirror Puddle Lamp" / Mirror Courtesy Lamps 2. X500/X600 Pin 9:- circuit 1430 - "Exterior Courtesy Lamp" / Mirror Cargo Lamps Currently I wired to pin 3, so when I unlock AND IT'S DARK, the 'puddle lamps' illuminate. Handy, but I'd rather a little more control over them using the cargo lamp switch .... So I'm going to change it over to use pin 9. Will research the various mods that add diodes for additional lighting choices.... Here's the electrical info:- https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/761/Sierra_Silverado_Electrical_Body_Builders_Manual_Service_Manual_2017_en_US.pdf

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