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  1. I’ve got a 2015 Sierra 2500HD and I’m going to be leveling it(2 to 2.5”) and putting some bigger tires on it. Most likely Trail Grapplers, but still considering Open Country MT. My goal is 35x12.5 on the stock 18” wheels. Two concerns I have even after reading what feels like 1000 forums: 1. Is the 12.5” wide tire going to be an issue with the stock 8” wheel? I’ve read mixed reviews with some saying they know people that have no issues with the wheel size, with some even being on 7” wheels. Others act like it’s crazy talk and say that the 12.5” tire on the 8” wheel is way too much and not on the “approved” rim size of the tire. The approved rim size is 8.5”. Is that .5” really that much of a difference? 2. Second concern is rubbing to the point trimming is needed. The ideal goal is no rubbing what so ever. Some people have claimed slight rubbing at full lock and others have claimed no rubbing due to the stock offset being just right. I suppose slight rubbing at full lock would be tolerable though. My back-up plan is going with 285/75 which would measure about 35x11.2. I just love the looks of those 12.5’s. I’m hoping there’s someone out there with experience with exactly this issue, or know a buddy with the same set-up and can fill me in.

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