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  1. There’s a grommet hole already in the floor board. About where your left foot would rest if you’re sitting in the vehicle.
  2. ***Alpine X110slv 10" Restyle Kit"

    The cord is essentially this. Comes with the housing that’s shown in my other pics and a square box that’s the module for the bose. Along with it there’s a connector harness for the back up camera that is Different than the one provided with the radio so that it all works with the bose system. Without that one connector you’ll have no audio
  3. ***Alpine X110slv 10" Restyle Kit"

    Correct. So all that USB port is is just an extension that you plug into the back of the radio. I got my bose add on from an authorized dealer for 150$.
  4. ***Alpine X110slv 10" Restyle Kit"

    The top 3 usb stop working. They’re directly connected to the hmi module. The 2 in the center console charge only. I just checked in mine. Here’s some pics of the Bose add-on that changes the 3 port usb to 1. Excuse the dirtiness
  5. Amp does make a wired in version too. They’re both about the same price.
  6. ***Alpine X110slv 10" Restyle Kit"

    Yes you have to plug in to the obd. To show gauges tpms eat on screen. EBay/ Amazon has obd splitters you can get. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. It goes on the metal brackets that hold the anchors in place so that the back seat doesn’t fold down. They just suppress noise vibrations. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Idk if it’ll work for you. But when i got my alpine radio they directed me to this for the camera. I wanted to be able to view it any time while i was driving. https://kb.alpine-usa.com/file.php?id=52
  9. Ichie123's 2015 GMC SIERRA SLT 5.3 Build

    Added an Amazon Firestick to the radio with an hdmi switcher so that it’ll retain the use of CDs and DVDs
  10. Joined late, but gonna upload the mods and other fancies that I have done since buying my truck.
  11. Ichie123's 2015 GMC SIERRA SLT 5.3 Build

    Ran over this mile during a road trip for work.
  12. Ichie123's 2015 GMC SIERRA SLT 5.3 Build

    Enjoyed having the ProClip for my phone so i got one for the opposite side for my iPad.
  13. Ichie123's 2015 GMC SIERRA SLT 5.3 Build

    Installed the viper DS4 remote and security system.
  14. Ichie123's 2015 GMC SIERRA SLT 5.3 Build

    Installed a ProClip phone holder
  15. Ichie123's 2015 GMC SIERRA SLT 5.3 Build

    Used philips led for the license plate lights and they are BRIGHT!
  16. I’ve got 105k miles on mine now with factory brakes. Just stay mindful and check every now and then.
  17. There’s a sequence to use but i forget it. I think if you disconnect your battery for 5 minutes then put it back on it’ll ask you to roll your driver window down then back up. I think it’s calibrating itself. But idk.
  18. Just pay shipping. I have no use for them. Shipping is whatever you want usps preferred.
  19. I have some from my alpine radio that i can send you.
  20. WTB: 14-18 3rd Brake Light

    I have one. Based in Mississippi. Gonna send you a pm
  21. How much of a bass head are you? Lol. To each their own. I have 2000 watts under the back seat with the Bose speakers. I enjoy it thoroughly as does anyone who’s been in my truck. If you want specs on the total wattage of the Bose audio system it’s 175 Watts.

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