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  1. Those are usually fabricated.
  2. Right now the tweeter is on the door on the black piece trim and sits right above the dash when you close the door. No I wasn’t able to get the 4” to sit in the dash. [emoji24] if I had the right tools I might be able to cut into the dash where the factory hole is to make it sit in but right now the magnet is preventing it from sitting due to not enough depth. I’m planning on fabricating the pillars to hold both the 4” and the tweeter so that they’re both facing towards each respective seat. I would say definitely do the 3 way. The sound is just so much more distinctive than the 2 way. So for now the dash panel piece is just sitting on top with the pillars holding it in place.
  3. I installed the Hertz ESK 163L.5 for my front stage powered by the Alpine PDR F50 4 channel amp. Bridged the outputs to run 140watts to each channel. I messed up with the dash speakers. So will end up fabricating the pillars to hold the tweeter and 4” midrange.... eventually. Whenever I have time. Sounds phenomenal. And overall very pleased with the sound.
  4. The lcq1 is the upgrade from the lc7i. I didn’t have to upgrade my speakers. I had originally wanted to keep the factory HU until the alpine came out and had planned to upgrade all my speakers with it so I went ahead and got the lc7i. Do note I had the Bose audio so the sub wiring was already there to take the signal from. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Audiocontrol Lc7i. That’ll give you a good alternative to an aftermarket Hu. I had one in mine until I got the alpine restyle.
  6. Has anyone else had power surges that switch the radio off and reboots while they’re driving? If so what did you do to remedy the issue. The problem results in the radio shutting down, and when/If i have something plugged into the ac adapter it turns off too and reboots. Happens randomly. Sometimes after big bumps in the road others on flat surfaces.
  7. 118644miles 2602.8 hours =45.58
  8. Bose Amp?

    Passenger rear. On the wall. Right above where the jack is roughly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Morimoto HID problems

    Could be either. I had the same issue a few months after i got mine. I can’t remember exactly which one i replaced as I’ve had to replace both the relays and the igniter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Morimoto HID problems

    Try swapping the relays with new ones. Just Bc you can hear them clicking doesn’t mean they’re working. My sisters were clicking but wasn’t turning on. Replaced with spare relays i had a viola. If it’s not that it could be the igniter going out. I think that was my first replacement.
  11. Not all the connections. Just the speakers wires. Everything should work the same. The amp is still powered and working in the background. The bose amp just powers the speakers. Onstar and all of that are on another module.
  12. I haven’t used one but I’ve bypassed enough to know it will. Used to work at a car audio shop. Essentially all it’s doing it’s taking the harness that feeds the speaker inputs from the radio to the new harness and connect to your input on the amp. Then the other harness hooks into where the speaker wires output from the amp would be so that it’s a direct line to the speakers.
  13. Metra makes a bypass harness Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. That’s what my painting guy said. Basically it’ll just keep peeling until it’s all gone.
  15. It’ll work. It’ll wrk best with its own amplifier though
  16. So. My body shop who’s a family friend told me that the previous models 2007-2013 had this same issues. The issue is the paint never adhered to the primer. He said it was very common on the white trucks but he hadn’t seen it happen on the new styles. Im going to take mine by a dealership to see if they’ll remedy it even though I’m well past warranty. (I drive a lot) mines a 2015. He quoted me 1500 for both doors Bc they have to strip the trim then completely strip all the paint and repaint.
  17. Ill take some pics. It’s raining right now but when it stops I’ll try to get some pics. I remember there being a specific way i wired so that it all works
  18. I took off the cover that’s held in by the retainer clips. Routed all the wires and mounted ballast under there. Relays too. I can take pics later if you’d like.
  19. Installed the ZRoads “A” pillar mounts.
  20. Pm a price Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. SOLD!! Quad cube foglights

    Same PayPal? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. SOLD!! Quad cube foglights

    I’ll get them.
  23. SOLD!! Quad cube foglights

    How bright were they? Able to compare to ridged industries?
  24. SOLD!! Quad cube foglights

    WHat brand are the cubes? I’m very interested

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