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  1. Thanks DCazares... That explains it. When I get to work and put truck in park, my seat reclines back to easy exit position. I rarely lock my truck at work so I don't hit the unlock button forcing my seat to the drivers position. I do not realize seat is in the exit position until I am driving and that is when I hit #1 on door. So I do not know if I have ever hit the button while in park but I will now. Thanks guys, this site is always providing info!
  2. Silverado Steve, are you sure about that? I have a 2014 as well and I have to hold the preset until it reaches the position. I wish like hell it was press and release. To set the memory I have to press the set and the number 1 or 2 buttons.
  3. Time Shift Fixed

  4. Time Shift Fixed

    Before close up
  5. Time Shift Fixed

    And for anyone interested, I also recently changed the oil and did a MAF and throttle body cleaning. When I bought this truck in April, I cleaned these as well (8800 miles ago). Since OLM was letting me go well above the 7500 miles, I kept a close eye on oil level and checked it every couple of days. Oil level never dropped that I could tell from the dip stick and the color still looked fantastic. I was curious after the million posts on here about oil consumption, etc so I actually measured the oil I drained from the pan. I was exactly 3 ounces short of 8 quarts and I am pretty certain there was at least a few ounces in the motor still. I have no idea what a dirty MAF looks like but mine looked practically new. I will post before and after pics of throttle body but I did not consider it bad either. I guess I got lucky and got a really good '14....
  6. I have had Sirius since it became available and I have always loved the pause/rewind/fforwad option offered with the original portable devices. When I first purchased this truck, I was happy to see this option on the MyLink head unit as many of the newer portable units no longer offer this. Well, the first time I tried to use it, no pause or rewind or anything. I was still learning all the other options in my truck and didn't worry about it. Several weeks later I accidentally hit the pause button and noticed it was working again. It worked fine for a month or so and then some time in July it stopped working again. I have searched several forums for info on fixing the problem but never found anything that worked for me. I was pretty certain a complete reboot would work (disconnecting neg battery terminal for 10 min) but really didn't want to go through re-adding my favorites, renaming the stations, etc. I figured I would fix it when it bothered me enough. This week I stumbled across the "2014 Tips and Tricks" thread (very long but excellent) and saw someone mentioning ctrl-alt-del equivalent for our MyLink. Press and hold power-menu-home, this will get you to a programmers screen. I did not change anything in these menus but just looked around. When I exited, I noticed the radio did a quick flash and for some reason thought to try pause/play again and it worked perfectly. I have a neighbor with the same truck and he told me the time shift buttons have never worked. We did the exact same process on his truck and it fixed his time shift issues as well. Just thought this info might help add to this valuable forum. I do a lot of reading on these pages but never post anything.....
  7. Hood latch rattle

    There are 2 posts on either side of the latch. You can turn counter clockwise to increase height. Turn each a half a turn at a time while checking latch pressure.

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