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  1. Resolved. Simply changed the Nav SD card switch from the down toward the contacts position to the up toward the driver position and my errors have not returned. 1. found my Nav SD card 2. removed Nav SD card - found the slide switch on the side of the SD card in the down position 3. put switch in the up position and reinserted 4. all while ignition was off 5. no more of the errors I was showing, see previous post, are reoccuring 6. my issue is resolved!
  2. Is the lock position on the nav SD card switch UP toward the top of the card or DN toward the contacts? I want to try this. Thank you.
  3. My 2019 Sierra SLT, 5 months old, throws "SD CARD ERROR" on my dash first, it also tells me to "launch Nav on radio for more details" Then my radio screen throws this "Nav SD Cad Message - Once initialized, this Nav SD card can only be used for navigation in this vehicle." Checking a bit further, I find another note on the first of the radio's three home screens that says "SD card is not functioning properly." So this all started happening out of the blue, no service, no software update preceded this error. And to my knowledge, no one removed my SD card and replaced it with a different SD card. First thing I'm going to ask dealer to do is replace the existing SD card with a new one and initialize it for my truck. I too have removed, checked, cleaned, reinserted my SD card with no improvement. Every time I start the truck up I get this set of errors. Today, 1/29/20 I did receive a notice to upgrade my vehicle's software which I did. Now running v807 software updated from v805.1. No improvement, SD card error messages persist. Anyone have this problem and had the dealer resolve? If so what fixed it?
  4. Sounds like moving the cover a bit more to the cab may relieve the sticking point. I see that with the multi pro tailgate there is not a lot of initial force opening the tail gate once the open buttons are pushed. Just a little bit of sticking of the top of the tail gate to the bottom of the cover may be the cause. I called undercover CS several times while I was installing my Elite, guy named Jeremy was very helpful answering all my questions. Perhaps give Undercover CS a call, maybe they've heard this from others and have a solution for you. PS after a few months using the multi pro tailgate, I love it, would not want to go back to the old style gate.
  5. I just bought Undercover Elite, non painted version f my '19 Sierra. I had one on my previous truck and Ioved it. No leaks, strong, nice lock system, good warranty, to me looks great. I've had several of the folding type, no comparison to the the Undercover Elite in my opinion.
  6. So I checked with Geico, if the truck is less than 15 months old and 15,000 miles and you are the original owner, then for ~$20/mo and $250 deductible per claim, the truck can be covered under their mechanical breakdown coverage I'm told. My truck is new so I' have some time to consider this which I will. Great posts; thank y'all.
  7. Just bought my 2019 GMC SLT. Dealer wanted $3650 for a 10 year, 120,000 extended warranty - basically this warranty would cover warrantable, non maintenance items from end of OEM bumper to bumper thru year 10. I thought this was an insane!!!! amount of money and declined.
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