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  1. I just bought Undercover Elite, non painted version f my '19 Sierra. I had one on my previous truck and Ioved it. No leaks, strong, nice lock system, good warranty, to me looks great. I've had several of the folding type, no comparison to the the Undercover Elite in my opinion.
  2. So I checked with Geico, if the truck is less than 15 months old and 15,000 miles and you are the original owner, then for ~$20/mo and $250 deductible per claim, the truck can be covered under their mechanical breakdown coverage I'm told. My truck is new so I' have some time to consider this which I will. Great posts; thank y'all.
  3. Just bought my 2019 GMC SLT. Dealer wanted $3650 for a 10 year, 120,000 extended warranty - basically this warranty would cover warrantable, non maintenance items from end of OEM bumper to bumper thru year 10. I thought this was an insane!!!! amount of money and declined.
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