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  1. I would be interested in a hidden mount for my 2500HD.
  2. No reason to take it the wrong way and get your panties in a wad. It simply is not a reliable fix for most. Just as many have tried to take out the small magnet, it only works for a select few. If you’re having success then I’m glad you have to go no further.
  3. That fix does not work reliably. I, and many others have tried with no success. The module needs to be replaced for reliable charging.
  4. Wireless charging

    Probably talking about what folks call the "repeater". That hack didn't work for me and most others. Will occasionally work intermittently for some, but is not a reliable fix.
  5. Wireless charging

    There is no updated 2017 module; only a 2018 module.
  6. Wireless charging

    I’m with you, but it’s not worth the aggravation to me. I just paid the $100. I hope you get satisfaction.
  7. Wireless charging

    i Got mine from gmpartsxperts.com. Took them about 4-6 days to find one for me.
  8. Did you read this thread? All of the info to include pics are here. The part # is 13521066 and the cheapest place I found was gmpartsxperts.com.
  9. Wireless charging

    This is not a solution, but a workaround. The Mophie case will also work. The solution is to swap over to the newer module.
  10. Wireless charging

    Doesn’t get any easier than this folks.
  11. Wireless charging

    Yes, the little lighting bolt shows up on the screen. I didn’t know that’s what it meant; I just thought it was a charging indicator.
  12. Wireless charging

    Define fast. It seems to charge as fast as any wireless charger I've used.
  13. Wireless charging

    Did you even scroll up? "Then ordered the brushed aluminum Yukon Denali trim ring (part number 23208761) "

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