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  1. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    Ok I installed it.... now what? Sorry
  2. 2nd owner of a '10 sierra crew cab 5.3L auto 4x4 pick up. Few weeks ago the dash /gauge lights stopped working and the TPMS light for the left rear tire came on. Checked air pressure was at spec. Had the TPMS system checked that too was good. The radio works,HVAC works. The only lights that light up are on the HVAC dials and window buttons. Sometimes the dash lights work sometimes they don't. Annoying at night but I can live with it. Was thinking it was a BCM... was an auto mechanic for a while been out the business about 15 years. So no idea what's going on here. Anyone else with similar issues? Sometimes turning the key to start there is a delay maybe 2-3 seconds, again not all the time. Thanks in advance
  3. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    2010 GMC Sierra crew cab 2"leveling kit up front 285-65-17" general grabber AT2's Backflip folding bed cover Wish I could figure how to add a pic

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