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  1. Thats exactly what it was too, when I unhooked the alternator ground from the battery it didn't come on anymore. I'm going to try that thanks alot!
  2. I ran a 4 gauge ground to from the bottom bracket of the alternator to the ground battery.
  3. (2015 Silverado LTZ 6.2) So over the last few days I've been recognizing the Battery saver active notification on my truck. I recently installed a Mechman 250 alternator and a new battery, got a stereo system put in and it didn't have enough power for it so I did the big three Upgrade. I'm getting great voltage but after a while of driving I get the (battery saver active) warning does anyone know what that could be I'm kinda lost.
  4. For me I jus hate the sound of it with my exhaust (flowmaster super10s). Would a tuner void the warranty?
  5. Is there anyway to take or turn V4 mode off of my 2015 6.2 8 speed Silverado?
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