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  1. Forgot to mention I'm still on the stock 20s
  2. Went and measured. I'm sitn at 38.5 in the front and 40.5 in the rear. With 275 55 20s.. want to do 33s but I swear I think they'll rub to much
  3. I'll have to measure my height again. I can't remember. I do know with the level and aal the rear sits about an inch higher than the front.. (I like that anyways). And the truck rides 10x rougher also..
  4. I've had diesels for 10 years. I bought this 2014 ltz 1500 crew 3 years ago. It has been a great truck. The only problem I have is; it's seems too small and like a lowrider. I've installed a level kit and an add a leaf. It just seems too low. I wish it sat like an HD or even somewhat close. Anyone else have this issue?
  5. Definitely not in 4wd.. I think a sensor or something in the wheel bearing or wiring is bad. Truck has 41k miles on it.. dealer said it would cost me their hourly price (80 dollars) til they determine the problem then the fix (if any) would be covered by warranty. Total bs...like I said I can turn the stabilitrac off and the problem goes away.
  6. Alright guys been trying different things to narrow this down.. if I hold the traction control button down for several seconds the tc light comes on and stays on. Then the stabilitrac turns off.. if you release the button after the display message disappears the stabilitrac will stay off but only for a short amount of time.. if it is rwleased before the message goes away it stays off only for a few seconds. Having said that, when the stabilitrac is off the truck has no pedal vibration or quiver.. so is something wrong with the stabilitrac? Should it turn itself back on automatically like this or stay off like I would like..
  7. Mine does it also. 2014 1500 leveled with stock 20s..
  8. Alright guys so I have a 2014 ltz cc 1500. I installed the rc 2" kit and an add a leaf in the rear. Looking at tires now for the stock 20s. But I swear I don't think 33s will for without some harsh rubbing.. it just doesn't look like a enough room height and width wide clearance on the front bumper and inner fender behind front tire
  9. MacA what size tires and what exhaust? Love the look
  10. I don't think any scrubbing. Factory size tires and wheels. I feel like it has got to be a sensor of some sort. No lights on dash or anything either. Really annoying. Makes me not want to drive it coming out of my holler where I live
  11. It actually reminds me of the vibration you get when the truck tries to spin on wet pavement or something... of everything is off in the can my wife can actually hear the pedal.
  12. It done it before the level also.. I've been putting it off going to the dealer because our local Chevy dealer is a joke. They probably wouldn't be able to duplicate the vibration just driving around their lot or taking it out on the highway.. (they definitely wouldn't bring it down to where I live where the truck actually acts up) . I'm kinda hoping something would just give out and break already so I'll know what it is. Lol
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