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  1. My texts don't come through when connected through blue tooth. They show on the phone with a minimal vibrate but no notification any ideas? Google pixel 3
  2. My truck is a LTZ Z71 it came with 275/60r20 Bridgestone a/t rhs. I watched it unload from the truck coming from the factory with 3 miles on it.
  3. Maybe a test drive before purchase? Not trying to be smart azz about it.
  4. I bought the mx4 because the reviews on the elite said the handle would freeze in the winter and you couldn't open it. I also bought mine from truckalterations.com for 755.00 with free shipping just email them and ask for their best price.
  5. Mulitpro tailgate does not have auto up tailgate.
  6. 9.76” Rear End

    Mystery solved my truck is a 19 6.2 NOT a Max tow.
  7. 9.76” Rear End

    I slid underneath mine couldn't see anything. I'll put it up on the lift after lunch.
  8. 9.76” Rear End

    Where's the stamp? I'll go look in my garage at my 19 6.2 non nht
  9. Anyone have a headliner buzz/rattle going down the road
  10. Dash squeak

    Mine noise is more of a thumping noise in the dash passenger area. It's driving me nuts!
  11. Anyone chase a rattle somewhere near the console to passenger side area yet? It mainly does this when going over wash board roads. I have 150 miles and am headed to dealer unless some has chased this already.
  12. How much of a pain is it to refinance. Do they still consider it a new car or a used car.
  13. Truck Month

    My 2016 that is still under warranty needs quite a bit of warranty work that the dealer is aware of and I was going to trade out of it. now there is no rebates. So if Chevy can't get some more rebates going in the next few days I am going to start having the service department go through all of my concerns on my current truck and keep it.
  14. Truck Month

    Ya I didn't buy mine today because there is no rebates. WAKE UP GM. I'm die hard gm and they have done there best to run me off this time with this truck order.
  15. Truck Month

    They took the one and only rebate of $1,500 off of LTZ the only deals are on LT so much for Chevy truck month I went in today to try to finalize my deal and this is what I found out

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