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  1. I have been kind of ignoring the rear window leak issue on the 19 Silverados and have not looked to see if mine is leaking. Where and what is the first sign that it is leaking?
  2. I'm needing a couple parts for my truck for warranty work and my dealer is telling me they cannot get any parts because of the strike is anyone else running into this or am I getting the runaround?
  3. Apparently a sensor has failed and must be ordered. But it's on backordered supposedly from the strike. I love my intellibeam when it's functional.
  4. The button appears to be broke in mine. Hopefully the dealer can figure it out today
  5. I have tried that. Thanks for the suggestion. Dealer appt for Thursday morning now.
  6. It's not like just aren't working when on I can't get the symbol to show up on the instrument cluster when you push the button on the end of the turn signal. And it worked at one time
  7. My intellibeam button on the turn signal is not working. I read a few threads on here about people having a problem anyone find the solution? My fog lights are off.
  8. We generally use road force to find which tire to replace instead of swapping the whole set. Rarely do we spin them to "hide"(fix) the problem. Sometimes we will if the tires is worn down a fair amount and it cannot be warrantied with a free replacement.
  9. It's also easy to check if it's that bad. Rotate your tires and see if the bounce changes in any way.
  10. To me a 30-40 mph vibration is not a balance issue. Granted out of round, balance, and road force are totally different types of vibrations.
  11. I have been in the tire business myself for 20 years. My grandpa started it in1963. I have found a "few" tires that road forcing helps. But replacing the tire solved the problem as well. We only road force a set if the vehicle comes back with a problem. Road force is not accurate unless the vehicle has been driven and the tires have settled in. I will say that 90 percent of the tires I have a had a road force issue with are Goodyear and bfg Kos and ko2s.
  12. Same thing for me. They called today.brre is the number 855-880-1500
  13. I have emailed this address in this thread a couple times it always comes back as a not good email can someone double-check and repost for me please
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