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  1. I dont like the ones blowing right on the tire it creates a lot of heat build up and with time can cause problems with the tire and the wheel finish.
  2. I have had the suspension retorqued on the rear end of my 2016 Crew Cab Chevy two different times and has not made any difference I have a popping noise that is pretty noticeable a lot of times either when I come from a complete stop or shift from reverse to drive has anyone else experienced this with any suggestions
  3. Chevy Legend

    My stuff showed up today on a Sunday go figure.
  4. Loving my New-to-me 2015

    Can someone point me to the link with how to mod fog lights with high beams on and does this mess up the auto dim feature
  5. First tow today- 12k lbs

    14 ply is not e rated they are G.
  6. Take it to another shop that has a new enough alignment machine and a knowledgeable tech to do and alignment and reset the sensor
  7. Just saw on off road.com a new spy photo of on e fueling up with diesel.
  8. Just had a new update on my 16 6.2 high country tranny. My service manager said he just got back from some special training on the clunky shifting tranny. He said the update is to program with a new tune and do a 30 mile drive cycle. It seems to be much better.
  9. Just because they recreated it doesn't mean there is really a fix. What's the plan moving forward?
  10. Hood latch rattle

    This is the actual handle inside the cab
  11. All of a sudden my hood latch has started ratteling if I put some pressure on it it will stop. Anyone have a fix for this I can't see anything loose on it.
  12. Tread Wright Tires

    Bead to bead recaps
  13. Not even close for me my wife has even asked what is wrong with my truck

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