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  1. Why didn’t they recommend the 12909 satin or 14909 polished with 3.5 inlet and 3.5 outlet which magnaflow recommends to match the 3.5 factory exhaust on the 6.2. I have on my 17, no flappers and no drone sounds awesome.
  2. Is that the factor rear floor mat? Looks like a perfect fit around the sub.
  3. Here are pic's of my Magnaflow #15318 for the 6.2, no drone!
  4. I am trying to post picks of my Magnaflow kit #15318 for 6.2L...I try attaching pics and it says file is to large any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Using a Mac Pro.
  5. I have not towed my camper yet, so far I love the sound and the looks, mellow when cruising and very throaty during aggressive driving. As far as pricing goes, the prices on the I-net are retail, find a Magnaflow shop/dealer and offer them $750 for #15318 installed, Im betting most will accept.
  6. Yeah, Magnaflow kit #15318...3 1/2 from cat to 22" polished stainless muffler exits 4" into 14" resonator then 4" exit pipe to a 5" single stainless tip...sounds bad ass! turns allot of heads when I'm driving, it is mellow sounding if you don't drive agressive, cost me $750 which included the install, Magnaflow is less money than Corsa or Borla and sound and looks better IMO. I have AFM tuned out but I did drive a few miles with AFM on and there was no drone!
  7. When I bought my 14 Sierra my dealer installed a sprint throttle booster and a magnaflow cat back exhaust #15318, I demanded a refund after they cut off the factory flange and welded it to the 15318 kit claiming the magnaflow flange did not fit. I had a 22" magnaflow muffler installed removing the resonator and flapper with a 3" pipe after the muffler, it sounded great for a few thousand miles, nice and mellow! but after a summer of towing a 8500# camper, the exhaust decibels increased to the point I had to buy a Diablo tuner to tune out the AFM because of the annoying helicopter sound while normal cruising...do not buy the sprint booster the Diablo Tuner is less money and has more options and really wakes up the 6.2. I recently had the magnaflow cat back exhaust #15318 properly installed by a authorized magnaflow exhaust shop, it sounds awesome nice and mellow under normal driving, but under heavy throttle its aggressive, must be the 4" pipe after the muffler and resonator. As the CAI goes, IMO do not buy a Volant CAI or equivalent open CAI, the Volant sound like a fog horn so I removed it and installed a MIT tube, the sound is minimal under both normal and heavy throttle. When I have time I will post pic's and vid's of the exhaust.
  8. Wow...they still offer Tangier Orange... That's the factory color of my 1972 C10 Custom Deluxe...If they only offered it with a white top!
  9. I have the sprint booster on mine..works great I highly recommend,
  10. I thought my Bose sounded mediocre when it was new, but now that the speakers have broken in it sounds great.
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