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  1. I used the MWW1 clamps to install my BAK RevolverX4 cover. Haven't had any issue whatsoever. Talked to Matt and he made some tweaks to make the system much more solid and OCD friendly...LOL. Great product...Highly recommend it for CarbronPro owner looking for a clean install of a bedcover without the need to drill into the bed.
  2. They have been there; however, from what I have been told, they have been unavailable since they are made in China. Part of this new CarbonPro bed is the trial and error for us that want to add or modify our trucks without having to wait. If you really like the WeatherTech and don't want to wait, I say take the gamble and see if it will work. I took a gamble with my bed cover and I am very thankful it worked out perfectly.
  3. We haven't had a lot of rain here to determine the water tightness. I did look from to indise and sealed any sections that had any light coming through. The back of the tailgate had some seapage but nothing drastic that concerned me after washing my truck. Overall, I am very happy with it.
  4. Got a part number by chance? Tried looking it up in my GMC app and nothing is coming up.
  5. Sorry to jumping into conversations; however, I just want to let you know that the GM cover will required you to drill to install the clamps. If you want no modification to the CarbonPro bed, you might want to consider clamps from MWW1 and look at the BAKFlip covers as an option. I installed a BAK RevelvorX4 on my CarbonPro and the fit is perfect. MWW1 - Cabon Pro Bed Clamp (2).pdf
  6. I have the Revolver X4. Since I have a CarbonPro bed, I thought finding a cover was going to be impossible with the GM ones being the only option. Anyway, got some custom clamps made and fit was perfect as it can get (i'm a little on the OCD side). Install was easy and use and functionallity is perfect for me. Product and overall cost was a little on the high side but I definetly do not regret it....I often try to remember that you usually get what you pay for because I am rather cheap and in the past I wound up buying things twice cuz I wanted to save...LOL. As far as water tightness, I haven't had any experience yet because I doesn't rain much in my part of the Island but I am hoping there wont be any issues. After installation, I checked from the inside and saw no gaps (no light showing through) so I am assuming its as tight as it can be.
  7. Big thanks to Matt from MWW1 Engineering, I was able to install a BAK Revolver4 on my CarbonPro bed without having to drill. Install was fairly easy. I took only about an hour...could have been less but I had my son helping me and we actually read directions..LOL. Install was supereasy and simple. Instruction were great and product was top notch. Fit was perfect! MWW1 - Cabon Pro Bed Clamp (1).pdf
  8. Interesting...Just curious as to why you say model number is not critical when model numbers are made specifically for certain vehicles. Just curious if you are tyring to fit something it was not designed for? I'm just saying that there seem to be a lot of people that have used bed covers from their older vehicles and they had to do some modificationg to fit while others who installed vehicle specific ones haven't had any issues. Either way, good luck. I hope you get your issue resolved.
  9. They actually announced on their IG page that 10sp version will soon be out.
  10. WOW....I almost pulled the trigger on that till I saw the clamp option so I hope the Rolver works out better. I'm with you on the Decked system. Been bugging them to come out with one on their IG page. LOL
  11. Interesting....what model number is your bedcover. I just picked mine up (Part #79130) and the label clearly states that it's for a 5ft 8in bed and it's designated for 2019+ GM Silverado/Sierra.
  12. Nice! I'm also surprised on how turned out. There goes another my lunch money again! LOL
  13. Just got an update that clamps are ready for Powdercoat. Picked up my Revolver X4 bedcover today and cant wait to get it installed. Damn box is huge...trying to figure out ways to hide it...LOL
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