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  1. I would install the extensions cause you are still adding one inch in length to the assembly by switching your block. this way your shock will have less tension on it and will perform as stock.
  2. Sorry I don't have the exact kit description as it's a friend who owns a garage that does all my work. He mentioned that the leveling kit was a rough country ,and that there was no rear block therefore the choice of adding only one inch rear block to keep a rake when I tow. As I mention before if you do add a rear block, order shock extension brackets as well.
  3. Thanks, here is another one. Definitely changes the stance of the truck. If you do the rear blocks i suggest shock extension brackets.
  4. I was asking KEB if with the new shock it reduces that stiff kick from the rear leafs when hitting potholes.
  5. does it reduce the ''dry'' kickback from the rear suspension when hitting a pothole?
  6. Too me like 6 or 7 times this morning Not sure if you tried but delete your phone in your truck Delete the truck in your phone and pair them again
  7. 2” front level ,1” rear block 285/60/20 Toyo’s
  8. Does it cover the hooks,light and plug?
  9. How is the quality of the product? Does it look like it can be used in -30celcius ?
  10. Looks sick,nice job . It is worth it but you scared me into doing it That bad of a job eh? You have picture from an angle?
  11. Line X would stick to plastic You just gave me an idea for mine
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