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  1. I have the same problem. I think the sensitivity is set too high
  2. I use mine as well and love it! It stops the buffeting when all the windows are down and really moves the air thru the cab.
  3. ^ 2015 and up GM vehicles
  4. I got my fully loaded slt 4wd z71 dc for $12k off sticker. That deal was to good to pass up and my truck is smooth as glass
  5. Are you saying the tranny bangs into gear downshifting or rpms raising and slowing the truck. My 17 does the throttle blipping majority of the time and I’m not braking hard. I think it’s a nice feature saves the brake pads and less brake dust and with an exhaust it sounds like you mean business!
  6. Check your spare to make sure it’s snug. I had a 99 Tahoe that would do this and it was the spare bouncing back n forth
  7. I have a 17 z71 Sierra slt 4wd and park next to a 17 Ltz 2wd and the ltz almost look taller but they are the same height.
  8. One Image That Shows GMC's Boat-Towing Dominance

    Possible. I noticed at work all same trucks park together. I feel more comfortable leaving my truck near a owner of the same brand.
  9. Man, go to love Chevrolet in Columbia. Those guys wanna get rid of their inventory. With that 2.9 your getting you can probably get brand new for a reasonable monthly payment. I got a fully loaded 17 slt for 12k off the sticker mid August. I love my truck!! Used is cool but with all that can wrong on these newer trucks I wouldn’t wanna chance it!! Btw I hv stone blue, cold color.
  10. At love in Columbia SC, I got about $12k off on a 17 in August 17. I couldn’t believe what I was getting a $50k+ truck for. It’s a loaded to the gills SLT Z71 DC. Everything except roof and mag ride!!
  11. When I bought my truck new. The salesman asked me if wanted him to set up my app. I said no lol
  12. Hooper let the dealer setup his app and they keyed the vin in wrong. They had my onstar screwed up with someone else’s. I had to contact onstar to straighten it out. Don’t let the dealer program anything other than keys lol.
  13. Is your truck a z66 or z82? If so attach those badges.
  14. Real talk hearing that excerpt, which I think is one of his sermons made the hairs stand up all over. The commercial was not distasteful at all, it was triumphantly graceful!! Should ram have used it during black history month, Hell yeah, they killed 2 birds with one stone and get a 👍🏾 For honoring bhm . I’m pretty sure the King family approved😉 Now why I’m pissed is that it should’ve been the 2019 Sierra making its debut, that would’ve killed the show lol.

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