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  1. Hi Martha18, I have a question for you, which I sent to you privately. Please check your inbox. Thanks. Steve
  2. G1Eagle, how do you like your AT4? Looks great!
  3. Nice ride! What do you like about it? Favorite features?
  4. Hey f8lvnm,  how you liking your Sierra so far?




  5. Hi bowtie,


    Nice ride!   Just wondering how you are liking your Sierra so far?




  6. steve how can I get a copy of the magazine so I can read your articles im very interested Thanks Sean

  7. We're all set for now. So, thanks everyone.
  8. post removed

    Hi Seal, Thanks for reaching out. We are actually all set for now on Yukon pics, etc. But, I'll keep yours on file and perhaps we can work it into another issue. Thanks again! Steve
  9. post removed

    Hi Elk, Thanks for the nice pic and info. In the interim since my last post, I received a few pics/comments from other owners. So, we are actually all set for now. If you like, I can keep your info/pic on file and try to use it in the next issue. Are you OK with that? Thanks again for your time on this! Regards, Steve
  10. Front camera issues

    What front view camera? Never heard of one on a Yukon. Are you talking about Forward Collision Alert or some other safety feature that uses cameras or radar?
  11. Great! Hey, Jeremy, I have another question for you. Please check your message box. Thanks! Steve
  12. post removed

    Hi Elk Hunter, Sorry so late in responding. I just noticed your post. Glad you love your Yukon, and thanks for telling us what you like about it. Would it be too much trouble to send me a few images of you standing next to your vehicle? We could include one with your comments. If you can provide one, here are a few tips: 1. A high resolution photo is best. 2. Please get the entire vehicle in the photo. 3. Might be best if you stand next to the driver door. 4. If it's not too much trouble, please wear long pants and no hat. Again, sorry for the late reply, Elk. Hope to hear from you! Regards, Steve
  13. Hi William, How do you like your Yukon so far? Thanks. Steve
  14. Hi Jeremy, Can't help you with your question, but I was wondering how you like your Yukon Denali? Did you buy it new? Thanks. Steve
  15. post removed

    Hi John. Hope you're doing well and still digging your Yukon Denali! Steve

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