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  1. Checked, all good. Park Assist came back on either after checking these fuses of simply wiping off the sensors. Tail light still which I think is the normal problem with these lights, broken circuit connection. Expect I will have both repaired/reinforced at the same time and minimize down time. Thanx for the suggestion/info. Stay safe.
  2. Received Service Park Assist msg, assume it’s a bad sensor. However, right tail light went out at the same time, not all lights, but brake and LED side lights are out. Any suggestions? Both at the same time a coincidence (I don’t believe in coincidence)? Possibly a fuse or relay? Thanx for any advice in advance. Not looking forward to a $300+ tail light assembly replacement.
  3. Looks like you do not have adaptive cruise control. Check manual. There are different symbols for regular cruse control vs adaptive cruise control. You can set the distance for regular cruse control to show how far you are from the vehicle in front of you at three different distances. It will go from green to red as the distance decreases to warn you to slow down, but the cruise will not slow by itself. Same thing happened to me. Took a while to find the different symbols and realize no adaptive cruise control.
  4. FYI: Had a 2005 XL, had leak between front and rear, $1500+ to find leak in rear, $500+ to replace rear compressor, less than $500 to cut off rear A/C, which is what I had done. If I did want it fixed I would have started with replacing rear compressor. Suggest having a radiator-A/C shop check it out and suggest options. Good Luck.
  5. I once attempted to close lift gate my hand. Try this. Set gate open height to max. Open gate. Push button on gate to close. Good luck, let us know how resolved.
  6. This is a one piece push-thru rubber bumper, part # 84655838, cost app $5 & about $15 for shipping costs. It does not look like the part pictured in the GMC parts diagram. Thanx all for the correct info.
  7. Thanx. I’ve seen this part but for the life of me I can’t visualize how it would be installed. Looks like the rubber bumper would just be forced thru the hole in the liftgate. Have sent the question to GMC. Plus shipping for the part is three times the cost of the part. Thanx again for helping me look further into this.
  8. The Yukon XL has a 1” bumper on the inside, at the bottom, on the left and rights, of the liftgate. May be called bumpers or buffers. They fit into holes at the lower left and right and close into depressions on the body. Photo’s attached. Looking for a part number or where I might find one of these. Thanx. RUSS S.
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