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  1. on our 15 suburban we recently replaced the battery and when we did the vehicle doesn't recognize the key fob and the tire monitor system doesn't work does anyone have any ideas? what can I do to get these systems working?
  2. steve how can I get a copy of the magazine so I can read your articles im very interested Thanks Sean

    1. Stevek364


      Hi Sean,


      Just stumbled across your message, and I'm not sure if I ever got back with you.  If not, sorry for being SO late!


      The magazine gets mailed to GMC owners whose dealers participate in the magazine program.  That's the only way you can get one.  Do you know if your dealer participates?   The only other way would be to access it online, but I'm not sure if the web version works for everyone.  Here's the link, give it a try:  http://gmc.mynetworkcontent.com/


      Take care!





    2. seandrisc



      steve is there any way I can get in on your new magazine whenever you publish it Thanks ,Sean


    3. Stevek364


      Sean, the only way to get the magazine is if your dealer participates in the magazine program. If you haven't gotten any mags yet, that would unfortunately indicate that they are probably not enrolled in the program.  There's no other way to get a magazine. Sorry about that. 

  3. all of the vehicles I put with the miles the trans went out around 120.000 mi we use all of our suburbans to haul our clients around the all have max trailering package two have tan interior and one has black interior all capatain chairs and all are summit white one has gmc wheels and the others are different style 22 in wheels we get 80.000 miles out of a set of brigstone dulers then switch over to Michelin defenders
  4. my employer has a 2015 with 159.000 rebuilt trans ltz 4x4 a 2017 98.000 premier 4x4 and an 18 with 60.000 premier 4x4
  5. I like the look of your suburban it is exatly what im looking for with bucket seats wouldn't need callaway package there is a dealer in Maryland that sells a lot of callaway suburbans
  6. New to fourm starting limo service with suburbans
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