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  1. I had a 2017 6.2L - same tick...
  2. I can't agree. The loaner Sierra's I got (similar trims) didn't make that noise. Test drove another Sierra denali, no ticking noise. That speaks to quality in my book... The fact that there is a PID to resolve this issue (even if it doesn't) tells me there is problem. One of the reasons I got the truck was for the quiet cabin... maybe if it wasn't so quiet. :-)
  3. Agreed - it's been to the dealer 4x for this issue. 1st time they replaced fuel feed line, 2nd time they replaced fuel feed pump, 3rd time they replaced the entire exhaust, 4th time they said "it's working normal". I finally fixed it by trading it in for a F150 :-/
  4. Nice to see potential progress on this. I traded it my '17 Sierra Ultimate because of this (and lack of rear ac & bsm). Happy with my F150 (no ticking) - hope it gets resolved, other than the transmission clunk and the AFM tick - it drove nice...
  5. My dealer changed both fuel feed line, fuel feed pump, and full exhaust. The sound won... I couldn't deal with a truck that made that noise constantly, while all the other loaner sierras I got were quiet as a church mouse. Just got rid of the sierra and couldn't be happier. Good luck to ya'll - i'll keep an eye on this thread to see if a fix is ever found.
  6. Dealer replaced my fuel feed line, fuel feed pump, and exhaust... Still the same sound. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  7. My problem is not that there is an issue but the inability to resolve it after multiple visits to the dealer. One of the benefits of mass produced products is to provide a similar experience to the consumer. Unfortunately my neighbor is enjoying his non ticking Sierra more than I am at this point. I do agree with you that there are probably just as many issues with the other manufacturers. I'll be a happy camper if someone ever figures out a fix. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  8. and I'm leaning towards ford...that noise is so annoying. Glad the sound system works well...but it gets on my nerves :-/
  9. Yeah, I'm referring to the ticking / fluttering noise that you can hear inside the cabin just behind the drivers side firewall..increases with more speed / load. The DI ticking is normal (and only audible - barely from outside the truck).
  10. Yeah, first time the dealer replaced the Fuel Feed line...ticking / fluttering noise was still there (under load). Second time, dealer replaced Fuel Feed Pump...ticking / fluttering noise was still there (under load). Third time, different dealer replaced entire exhaust system ... ticketing / fluttering noise was still there (volume and pitched now a bit different...louder when its colder or humid outside). So..the problem still exists. 2 of the 3 times I dropped it off at the dealer, the loaner they gave me was a 2018 GMC Sierra (SLT / Texas edition) and there was NO ticking / fluttering noise at all...completely quiet cabin. Not super happy with the quality of this Sierra...
  11. Do you hear this tick while your inside the truck (with windows up / doors closed)? The sound in your video sounds like the standard direct injection tick (normal) and can seem louder when inside the truck and windows down / driving through drive thru's, etc. This particular tick is not audible inside the cab (for me).
  12. The 2nd dealer I went to confirmed that there is valve inside the exhaust that is causing the noise. A new exhaust has been ordered and it gets installed tomorrow - I'll update you after. Fingers crossed...I wish I didn't have such sensitive hearing. :-/
  13. Any ideas on the resolution? I have the same issue and 2 trips to the dealer has not fixed it... Replaced Fuel feed like and pump and still that glueing noise.. 17 Sierra w 6.2 Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  14. Where you able to hear that noise while in the vehicle? Like a flutter that increased with more gas? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  15. The issue was not resolved with replacing the fuel feed line. PIP#5395C. I'm going to try a different dealer...not happy that they said "it was fixed" and 2 miles down the road it starts chattering / ticking the same as before. Definitely only does it under constant gas - super annoying and bothers me on a $60k new truck.

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