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  1. It's got more problems then that i'm noticin...i figure i'll just find another 350 and do a swap...or if i can find a good deal might make the swap to diesel if i can, thanks for your help on this!
  2. Just did a compression test and found water in the 5th cylinder...bummer
  3. Pinging sound at acceleration

    Did this fix your problem? How loud did the pinging get??
  4. Just had a friend come over this morning and he said it is pinging. How loud can pinging get? At full load the issue is LOUD. I tried adjusting timing both ways and when accelerating can hear noise still. It's def not the torque converter from what i can tell.
  5. Idle stays rough in or out of gear. I keep hearing flex plate but my flexplate looks fine to me.
  6. I have an 81 Chevy K20 and this issue is driving me nuts. The tapping/knocking noise only occurs when in gear and it is in tune with my rpm. In park/neutral i can floor it and no noise at all. Since this issue started the idle also has become rough. The noise seems to be coming from the driver side of the truck. I can try to attach a video to show sound if anyone thinks that would help. I would really appreciate any ideas! Things I have tried: - fixed all of my exhaust leaks - checked flex plate, no visible cracks, made sure bolts were tight - checked bolts on manifold covers and they were all tight as well.

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