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  1. What are you guys setting your air pressure to on Ridge Grapplers? I have the 35x11.5R20 on my 2500HD and Nitto recommends running them at 57 front / 66 rear. I assume that would be good for hauling/towing but wonder if you guys run something lower for daily road driving? Below is a pic with the tires at Nitto's recommended pressures.
  2. Thanks. Smack dab in the middle of Texas. Just a little north of that durned Austin town.
  3. Nitto Ridge Grapplers in 35 x 11.5 / 20 were installed today. Exactly the same rub as described above, but only on one side and only in reverse. Can't even really feel it. Look awesome. Let's see how they ride at hwy. speeds. I'll post pics soon. Big Thanks to Phobby for the pics and commentary.
  4. I leveled mine with new keys and shock extenders as well. My front sits slightly lower than the rear. I can't tell a difference in the ride from stock. Tomorrow the Nitto RG's in 35x11.5/20 go on. I will let you know how they fit.
  5. I am not sure if discount tire has the capability to road force balance. I will need to check. I do know that the last time I bought KO2's, I had to go through 3 sets to find one that didn't vibrate at speed.
  6. Thank You for the photo. I have run BFG's on my last three trucks, so decided to try the RG's this time around. The 35x11.5/20's will be in tomorrow. Thanks for your input on this thread. I'll update you after they are installed.
  7. Reid, Do you have a side photo of a Chevy with the Ridge Grapplers (or KO2's for that matter)? I'd like to see how much clearance there is with the air dam.
  8. Discount Tire ordered the Ridge Grapplers in 35x11.5/20. They will be here Wednesday. There will be no restocking fee unless I drive on them for a week before returning them. If they just clip the frame as above I will be happy. I should know right away. I would love to see a side view of the above trucks so I can see how close the tires come to the front bumper/air dam. As far as DT goes, they have been great to work with. They outfitted my last three trucks. This will be the fourth.
  9. So no rubbing on the sway bars or fender liners, only the frame at the inside back of the tire? Also, are all those trucks leveled? Damn those look good. I am tempted to tell my DT to order them today. Thanks for the great pics.
  10. Thanks. Are those ridge grapplers in the first pic? Do the 285/65/20's rub like the 35x11.5's?
  11. I have a leveled 2017 2500HD Duramax. I want to switch out tires but my local Discount Tire has a limited number in stock, so I will be forced to order them. If they don't fit there is a $35 restocking fee on each tire, so if I dont get the size right the first time it will cost me about $140. I want either the BFG KO2's or Nitto Ridge Grapplers. I will be keeping the stock wheels. I believe the 275/65/20's will fit no problem. Has anyone gone to a larger tire like the 285/65/20 or 35x11.5/20 on stock wheels without rubbing? Pic of truck below prior to leveling. If anyone has opinions on either tire I would be interested in hearing them as well.
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