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  1. I was just going through the steps I found on google lol. I will give this a try!! Thank you so very much for all the information! I really appreciate it. Love you man
  2. I have a 2017 crew cab. I have replaced the evap solenoid and canister but the code will not go away. Can it be a wiring issue? What exactly would I need to get to replace the wiring if it is that?
  3. Hi, just Got this code. do I need to replace the whole evap solenoid ? Anyone know the part number?
  4. Anyone know what I can fit with a 2” RC Level in the front? I’d like 33x12.5x20 with a negative offset wheel. Pls help lol
  5. It’s usually loud when it’s cold then calms down a little after it warms up. Haven’t felt any difference in performance. 2017 Sierra 1500 https://imgur.com/L5OMWcJ
  6. Thank you, appreciate your response! I will order it today.
  7. Thanks guys. So will this help with the whole lifters failing problem? I’m new to this whole afm thing
  8. Hi, I have been reading up on the AFM going bad in trucks. I have a 2017 Sierra and I was thinking about disabling it. Anything I should be aware about before doing it? my pickup has 35,700 miles. Just got it 5 days ago.
  9. http://tinypic.com/r/34dgys4/9
  10. http://tinypic.com/r/2yy2vyv/9 Sorry for the bad quality. It's like a hard plastic type of material. Is it a spacer?
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