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  1. Hey guys got a 2003 hummer h2 with a LQ4 I believe 6.0l v8 and I got the dealership installed block heater and I believe it’s a 400w but in edmonton it’s -40 Fahrenheit lately and I want more heat. Was thinking about getting another block heater or replacing this current one with a bigger one. What should I do? Or what do you guys recommend. I know this 1 block heater is prob good enough but I wanna make it slightly overkill and have more heat thx
  2. hey guys I have a 2003 hummer h2, I want to get new shocks as I haven't changed mine at all. I am looking for the smoothest ride possible. I do not off road or tow. just normal city and highway driving. I'm kinda on a budget so don't wanna get Bilsteins or rancho. I'm looking at these: Gabriel Ultra (heard there stiff) Monroe Reflex Kyb Gas a Just KYB Monomax (heard there stiff) so I believe it's between the Monroe reflex and the kyb gas a just or anything else in similar price range. what do you recommend for the smoothest ride? thx
  3. hey guys, my 6.2l v8 with 340,000 km has a misfire only at idle on 8th cylinder (p0308), it doesnt start right away but if im stopped for around 15-20 seconds it will start. i know for sure when i manually raise the idle by foot it doesnt misfire. the truck never misfires at speed or on highway, drives smooth as butter. i swapped coils with working coils, put in new plugs, and swapped wires. had a indie look at it and he said leakdown and compression was good, so he thought had to do with intake gasket but wasnt the case. i took it to gm, and they disgnosed and they believe its a mecahnical problem, something with the camshaft or something, ill get the full diag in a couple days. so i wont be repairing the engine or replacing it unless it was gonna be a cheap repair, im just gonna drive till it dies and then get something new. so i was thinking of using my tuner and raising the idle rpm to idk maybe 700-750 and hope it hides the misfire? if not raise to like 800-900 until it stops misifirng. is this a fine idea? or am i doing more damage then not? i am certain it will stop the misfire for idk how long because when i do that manually with my foot it doesnt misfire or will stop the misfire. i was also reading and someone said it has to do with oil passages getting clogged and the play with the camshaft increases which makes vvt wonky and causes the misfire? sounds kinda like what gm said since they said its an internal engine issue. thx!
  4. hey thanks a ton for your reply, yeah sorry i meant 6% leak down aha. perfect ill take a look for injector pulse and also the vacuum leaks !
  5. I’ll try a live scan tool, never used one before so I’ll see what’s up! Thanks! never swapped injectors before, is it relatively easy and do I need some more tools? and yeah I fill 91 to 94 octane lately hoping to stop the misfire but nothing
  6. also mechanic said he did a compression test too and was getting 200+ each cylinder, he doesnt remember off the top of his head but he doesnt think compression is a problem
  7. hey guys, got a 07 escalade with the 6.2l v8. its got 335,000km on it and has been running great, never had any engine issues other then the piston slap and noisy lifters so the thing is whenever i come to a stoplight and stay stopped for like 15-20 seconds, ill get the message that says " stabilitrak off service traction control" and then the tone of the engine will change and i guess it will sound rougher with a shake, but right when i start driving agian it goes back to normal and then message clears. if i go on the highway, it drives perfect, smooth, good power good revs and never triggers a messsage or anything, but when i come a stop light or any stop, if i wait long enough it will do its thing again.. rough idle, stabilitrak message, and also if i wait like a minute or 2, then the check engine light starts flashing as well, i believe this is because the truck thinks its misfiring or is misfiring and thats why the check engine light flashes. so im not a mechanic on my own but i swapped coils and tried to see if the misfire stops and it doesnt. i also swapped the plugs around and still has the same problem. the plugs and wires are relatively new only 50,000 km on them. i used my code reader and traced it as a p0308 so i swapped a brand new spark plug into that cylinder and still has the same problem. but have showed it to a local indie mechanic and he did a leakdown test got 94% so he said the engine is still strong, he changed the gasket on the intake manifold i believe but hes stumped otherwise anyone have any luck? i was reading more and someone said when the engines get gunked up and old, the vvt goes wonky and ends up causing this? but not sure if thats the truth thx!!
  8. my mechanic did a leakdown test and said he got 94 something and said it was good, he also did compression test and got good compression, he said he cant remember numbers but it was above 200 each cylinder. he replaced the intake manifold gasket and that fixed the problem temporarily but it seems to have came back. anything else we should try?
  9. hey guys in my 2007 escalade, the wiring harness that runs near the transfer case got caught up around the driveshaft and it ripped the wires apart. now i have troubles starting somedays, no fuel level and who knows what other problems. the truck seems to run fine tho. my mechanic said he can splice the wires but he said that the connector is broken and we need that to get it working. he went to gm but they were no help. anyone have anything that can help us? maybe even the whole part number for the harness or something, or schematics for which connector that is
  10. Thanks for the reply. I got the metal bracket off and out of the way, it moved downwards so I now I can make direct contact. I tried to grab with needle nose pliers but it loses grip, I even tried with vice grips. Those hold on good but it doesn't move. It seems like I can get best access from the top of the engine, there's a lot of space there. The vice grips make great contact but I guess I have to pivot Is it ok to try from the top? Or have to be from bottom thanks
  11. 2007 escalade 6.2L, i got the 3 bolts on holding the camshaft position sensor bracket, and then i applied some penetrating oil to get the CPS to start wiggling side to side, but I cant seem to get it out, ive tried pulling it out with vice grips and pliers but it doesnt seem to want to come out. i guess the rubber o ring keeps it in there good.any tips
  12. thanks for the reply, i only had 5 mins today with the truck and i cleared the code and it starts for 1 second, but then it shuts right off. it still has the p0461 code, i will check the other wiring tomorrow unless it starting and shutting off means something else
  13. yes it guranteed has gas, i just filled up 60l two days ago, so your guessing it must be a different sensor? The manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor The air conditioning (A/C) refrigerant pressure sensor The accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor 2 The engine oil pressure (EOP) sensor The camshaft position (CMP) sensor
  14. 2007 ESCALADE ext, in midst of fixing my misfire issue. and lately the truck has also been getting the reduce power message with the engine not starting. it happened last month for the first time, i was on the highway after driving about 100km, the reduce engine power came up and i pulled over. i didnt have a code reader or any tools, but after shutting off it wouldnt start anymore, and then i finally got it started with the reduce engine power message and drove it 500km home, it let me drive in manual, and when i went to fill up gas, the message went away and i was able to drive home normally.however my fuel tank still showed empty, and it kept saying fuel low. the truck wouldnt start the next day, and i was away for a month but when i came back to it a couple days ago, it started up just fine. well today i was at the grocery store but it wouldn't start backup. i plugged in my code reader and it came up with p0641 something about 5v and also p0463 which is fuel level sensor circuit high. so im guessing the connection between the 5v and the fuel level sensor is cut or broken? is there any way i can bring the truck home tomorrow without having to tow it? im gonna try starting it up tomorrow morning from the grocery store hoping it can limp home. thanks
  16. swapped the #8 plug with a brand new plug, and then swapped the #8 wire with the #2 wire but still misfiring
  17. im gonna have to check number 8 tomorrow, its hard to get to. heres some pics for #1, how does it look? it has about 40,000 miles on it, 41-110 https://imgur.com/a/spZIqhG
  18. im guessing the p0308 cylinder is 8th cylinder which is the passenger side very back which is impossible to change and such ahah. so i have had the p0308 code for a while, it just got way worse recently and causes the engine to shake and flash the check engine light with the stabilitrak and traction control service messages at idle. i swapped the coil from the 1st cylinder at the front, and i swapped with the number 8 passeneger side but i am still getting the p0308. do you think it could be a bad spark plug from a bad install? its so hard to get back there, i have msd wires and i checked the 1st and 8th cylinder wire and they seem to be around 23 ohms resistance, i also sprayed them with electronics cleaner before re installing them. what do you guys think it is?
  19. seems like the delco d514a is the coil that come off my truck, part number 12573190. i need replacements, so is this the best coil rn for a 6.2? or is there a better aftermarket/newer version
  20. i have a bullydog tuner for my truck, and its already has like 300k km on it, its a 2007 escalade with 6.2L so im wondering if the bullydog mpg tune or the 87 tune is better then stock? im just looking for longetivity and such, i dont really care for performance or fuel savings
  21. thanks alot for the reply! yeah i guess i have to check that/do that. theres no point in just replacing all 8 coils? and the old plugs were due for a change they were black as far as i remember/whatever color needs a change, and the guys on the escalade forum all seem to use delco 41-110 for the replacement plugs
  22. Thanks for the reply do you know why it only does this when turning on snow/packed snow. If if I try turning on normal clean road it's perfectly fine
  23. Hey guys! I got a 2007 escalade ext. it's an AWD. This problem seems like it just started after it snowed. The truck never did this on any other days, and I feel like I notice it more after I hit a curb with my front passenger tire. So it snowed here in Alberta and I noticed when I'm at low speeds or in a parking lot, and I try turning the truck rumbles/vibrates. It feels like traction is kicking in/the tires are bouncing. This only happens when I am at low speed and taking a sharp turn. I never noticed this before, it feels like it's extra now. I hit a curb with my tire a couple days ago and it caused a flat tire. I got that all fixed. Do you guys think it's an alignment issue? Or something else? I personally think it got worse after I hit the curb because I don't really remember feeling it before the curb hit. The truck drives perfectly fine on city roads and highways. This rumble only happens at low speed/parking lots. Like yesterday I was turning into my culdesac and it rumbled and there was only packed down snow on the ground. Also when I was trying to reverse park, the rumble/bounce thing happened again. Hopefully my explanation makes sense.. it feels like the tires are bouncing kinda thing
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