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  1. best performance parts for 6.2L

    So I got the BBP tuner and gone through all the setup, cake walk and omg a whole new truck, wow what a difference , running e85 and premium an easy 80hp gain and the throttle response is like diving my 78 383 stroker I can set 4 high and launch with tire bark, well worth the money, my buddies are in line to get me to tune there's
  2. Tuners

    like said before these tunes are tune to your truck, not a plain tune for all truck like your model or yr, if you do the BBP tune anytime you upgrade anything to performance just email the guy @BBP and thell send you a new tune to keep your truck running at top, i bought the BBP efi live/auto cal to sell to the guys here in my area, and hands down far the best you can do, unless you have acces to a dyno then you can do hp tuner......
  3. best performance parts for 6.2L

    hey guys, i have the 2010 stock 6.2 with catback single flowmaster,and cold air- i have the BBP arriving monday, have a few costumers trucks to tune after mine and going to dyno mine before and after tune, will update, hope with video
  4. hi all i have the 2010 gmc sierra 1500 slt crewcab with the 6.2l, what are your opinions ????? im buying the bear performance tune with trans tune and adding a turbo kit rated to the 850whp, dont expect that much at least 600 be great, have the 6.2 with 180k, great truck strong towing...right now i have a 4" lift 33 tires, flow master catback exhaust so far...

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