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  1. 1a auto tow mirror help

    I have to say 1a auto is useless all around. I'd never, never buy anything from them again. Boost now carries the glass and they are super professional. Even if the shipping was double I'd rather boost auto any day.
  2. Power Fold Mirrors from 1a auto

    I really appreciate it Tony. 1a auto can certainly make some money by getting those mirrors in. I don't mind paying, just need a place to buy.
  3. Power Fold Mirrors from 1a auto

    I could really use Tonys help on figuring out how to get upper mirror glass for these. 600$ for a new pair isnt a good option for a crack in the glass!
  4. 1a auto problems

    So I bought 600$ tow mirrors from 1aauto and managed to crack the passenger mirror glass. I thought no big deal all the company sell glass, right? Wrong not 1aauto. They gave me a huge run around only to tell me i was on a wait list for the replacement glass (I was told 2-3 weeks). I emailed them yesterday for an update and was told there was no such wait list and they just dont sell glass for these mirrors and other tow mirror glass isnt the same as these dont have directionals built into the glass. They did say however that they would be happy to sell me another 600$ set. Buyer beware! Buy from eBay, Amazon, or boost.
  5. Painted tow mirrors

    Looks great!
  6. 1a auto tow mirror help

    So I managed to peel the boost glass with heating element intact off of they backing plastic and place it onto the 1a auto backing. Shaped right in place and looks like a million bucks. That will hold me over till 1a auto gets the new glass in so it matches
  7. Painted tow mirrors

    Thanks! Not sure why some say you can't paint chrome plastic. Just prep it correctly and don't rush it.
  8. Painted tow mirrors

    I'm no painter but they came out very nice. Match perfectly, metallic and all. Base and clear were from automotivetouchup.com
  9. Painted tow mirrors

    They were chrome caps. I sanded them with a med grit sanding block. 2 coats of adhesion promoter. 3 coats of primer. Fine sand to clean up some imperfections in the primer. 4 coats of base 3 coats of clear
  10. Painted tow mirrors

    I'll see what I can do

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