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  1. Seems like we're getting close. I wasn't buying into the tick being related to temperature, but as summer temps have gone and it has been generally cooler, the tick has been less frequent. I swear it was constant all summer
  2. what did you say/show them? because I've replicated it without any concern from the tech
  3. looking forward to trying this when I have the chance. anyone planning on showing their dealer? I was there yesterday for an oil change and they screwed up my TPMS. Said they wouldn't pair to the ECU and then sent me home. So now I have a dash light on..
  4. Yeah those aren't horrible, just sort of blah compared to the GM's. plus every one I find like that is ecoboost
  5. Nice. Visually, I'm having trouble with the fords. I bought my truck because it was exactly what I wanted with the color match package. Ford offers nothing that I like nearly as much. Just love the idea of driving on the highway without this ticking every day.
  6. What did you get compared to KBB trade in value? Mines a '17 LT Z71 with a few added packages. 13.5k. I've been thinking about similarly equipped 2016-17 XLT or Lariats
  7. how did the trade in go? I've been thinking about this but I'm afraid to get boned on my truck its only a year old and I want something equally equipped I just don't want my payments to go up.
  8. I'm curious to see if it is fixed for the 19's with the 8 speed
  9. Absolutely not. This needs to be addressed and covered under warranty
  10. Been a while since I chimed in, mine has become more consistent, it is just about daily now. 400 mile road trip this weekend and listened to the tick the entire time, even my passenger in the front seat commented on it. Just hit 1 year of ownership with 12k miles
  11. yep been thinking about cat backs recently to help cover up some of it hopefully. i drove my fathers ram about 1000 miles towing this winter when we didn’t take my truck snowmobiling and like i said i like it but i couldn’t imagine having that every day instead of the gm.
  12. yeah I’m just gonna wait it out and keep the music loud. hopefully they’ll get this sorted out by model year 2023 haha
  13. My father has a new 5.7 ram and i like it but not more than my truck.. and I don't like the new fords at all. I can't imagine being happy with those because I like this truck a lot other than the sound. I want to somehow make a big enough stink that GM gets involved and figures it out
  14. this sucks. I don't want to get rid of the truck but I will lose my sanity listening to this for the next 5+ years
  15. Yeah, like I said your in cab video captures the sound well. I think I will try to poke around with my stethoscope and have someone find that low rpm spot where it really clicks. Maybe check under the truck where MOhunter mentioned there is a similar fuel line on the driver side

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