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  1. I thought I was going crazy but I started noticing it again this past weekend. Not as bad as it was before but it's there. Let us know how this goes.
  2. I'm at work and don't have the paperwork with me but I believe they said they found the rattle around the bottom of the radio housing
  3. Ya its just the 5570a from above. Here's another link https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/215862-tickingfluttering-sound-from-drivers-footwell-tsb-pip5570/
  4. my truck is FIXED, finally. It's like I have a brand new truck, this has been driving me crazy for a year and a half. They did the TSB but the tech said he still heard something so they took my dash apart and found a rattle that they insulated. I think this makes sense because even when my truck wasn't doing the "ticking" it still had another sound that was a little more subtle but bothered me so I guess both got addressed! This was Gengras in East Hartford CT they were great to deal with. The tech said he couldn't imagine living with a vehicle that made noise like that for so long
  5. the guy at the counter was practically rolling his eyes at me telling me it is just DI noise until I forced him to read the bulletin and he was definitely surprised. Their next availability for a loaner is the beginning of next week so I'll drop it off then. he said they need to replicate and recognize the noise before they start working on it
  6. thanks for the heads up, I will be persistent but I'm definitely relieved the fix is out there. I'll get it done one way or another. I made an appointment to meet with a tech so hopefully that'll help.
  7. thanks for the story, validates our issue. And also thank you streetdegree, just called a local dealership and I'm going today to meet with a tech and show him the service bulletin. going to a different dealership this time because I can't stand the guys I've been seeing about this
  8. wow this is great news, thank you for sharing!
  9. Seems like we're getting close. I wasn't buying into the tick being related to temperature, but as summer temps have gone and it has been generally cooler, the tick has been less frequent. I swear it was constant all summer
  10. what did you say/show them? because I've replicated it without any concern from the tech
  11. looking forward to trying this when I have the chance. anyone planning on showing their dealer? I was there yesterday for an oil change and they screwed up my TPMS. Said they wouldn't pair to the ECU and then sent me home. So now I have a dash light on..
  12. Yeah those aren't horrible, just sort of blah compared to the GM's. plus every one I find like that is ecoboost
  13. Nice. Visually, I'm having trouble with the fords. I bought my truck because it was exactly what I wanted with the color match package. Ford offers nothing that I like nearly as much. Just love the idea of driving on the highway without this ticking every day.
  14. What did you get compared to KBB trade in value? Mines a '17 LT Z71 with a few added packages. 13.5k. I've been thinking about similarly equipped 2016-17 XLT or Lariats
  15. how did the trade in go? I've been thinking about this but I'm afraid to get boned on my truck its only a year old and I want something equally equipped I just don't want my payments to go up.

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