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  1. Have someone sit on the passenger side to see if it can be heard from there. I had a rattle I swore was coming from the glove compartment. I sat as a passenger and the sound then sounded like it was coming from the lower console. Turned out to be a pair of sunglasses rattling in the overhead console glasses holder. Go figure.
  2. Sealed wheel bearing failing?
  3. Bad lean

    Thanks. I did not know that.
  4. Bad lean

    They make adjustments in the front that just affect the rear. Take it to an alignment shop or a good dealer
  5. "Chevy Shake" 2017

    What's the spec? 52' lbs. Did sneak up on it? If that is the solution, you have to get an award.
  6. Bad lean

    My 02 Duramax had the same problem. A local alignment shop adjusted the front end to even up the left rear so it was level with the right rear.
  7. Sounds like u kneed a new battery. Might seem strange but many new trucks are having the same problem Go figure.
  8. HD radio

    Mine has it.
  9. Faint Beep after Parked and Locked

    My solution to the problem was to stop doing yard work. When I close any of the doors on my 2017 Silverado around 10 seconds afterward I get brief 1 second sigh. Squeaky sound like letting air out of a balloon when stretching the neck of the balloon. Sound comes from somewhere underneath the truck. I figured it was just some kind of reset.
  10. Toyota 4Runners need to have the drive shaft slip joint lubed to prevent "loading/unloading" of the shaft when stopping at a traffic light. Don't know if GM drive shaft has that grease fitting on the drive shaft. Just a thought.
  11. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I had the same experience last summer on my 17 Chevy 2500HD Duramax Highcountry. In the old days if tires were slightly out of balance successive turns could cause the shimmy to come and go. Same is true today. It is hard to find sufficiently smooth roads in MT to experiment especially in winter. Mine has had 6 Michelins road forced balanced and still vibrates. It sits in my woodshop all winter hoping for a buy back or enhanced trade in. The notion that weight in the rear helps is one I agree with or at least added load reduces the sensation. Mine did not vibrate the few times I hit 70mph pulling a 4500lb camping trailer last summer. I usually keep it to 65 when towing.
  12. Engine temperature

    Oil in the filter will clog the mass air flow sensor Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  13. If you change one thing at a time, it is often easier to isolate the cause of the problem. Did you do that?
  14. "Chevy Shake" 2017

    My console is fixed. This is not the cause. Speculation?
  15. "Chevy Shake" 2017

    Sclafani Crushed

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