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  1. Thanks, I'll have to give that a try. I have never had any luck using a USB stick for anything yet including copying my waypoints.
  2. So how do you play the music on the stick drive?
  3. It's been a lot of years since I had to look under a seat to check on that cable. I'm sort of amazed that they still use cable. Seems like they would put a motor on both sides. They do that for practically everything else these days. I'm amazed they still use the cable to do the same thing they did in the 50's.?
  4. When you move the lever to move the seat, is there a cable that moves the catch on the opposite side of the seat? If so it could be too loose to pull the cog out of the notch.
  5. ARB 4x4 Accessories ARB705LB Orange 30' x 2 3/8" Snatch Strap Recovery, 1 Pack I haven't bought one in over 40 years, but I still carry my 3" Snatch um Strap that has been used many times. The stretchability of Nylon makes it a beast when yanking someone out who is really buried. Two years ago I snatched a fully loaded full sized U Haul box truck that had the rear duels buried in clay. It took about 12 feet of slack to make the truck move, but it came out. They are so smooth to use. I'm talking 12 feet of slack taking off at full throttle with a 2015 Denali 6.2. DO NOT use
  6. I have a 2015 Denali. At about 30000 it started the shake. Took it to the dealer, he replaced the torque converter. Problem solved... until 55000 miles. Neighbor had a 2016 and had just had the flush done. Fixed his. Then mine started all over again so I went in for the flush. Problem solved (for now). GM has a terrible warranty at 30000 miles but the drivetrain is 100000 miles which covered my flush and will for another 40000 for me. Love the truck and everything about it (except ONstar) and would buy another one. They could make me happier by increasing the warranty to 60000 or so.
  7. All I know for sure is I have yet to find a pair of sunglasses that will fit into my 2015 Denali.
  8. I think somewhere in that routine for it to work properly you have to pat your head and rub your stomach rapidly for 30 seconds.
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