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  1. Finally got my 5100 on the front of my truck. Took the struts to a machine shop... They used the old lock nuts on the piston rod instead of the flange nuts... Kinda pissed me off. The machinist said I didn't give him the parts or instructions... He put the flange nuts on the 3 post screws and the instructions were oily. I talked to him because he was pissed off when the manager talked to him... So then he says the flange nuts were not slas strong to him. Then he says of-roading will void my warranty anyhow. I Said, first it's for my safety and not warranty. Just follow the instructions... This is why I like to do my own work... Anywho.. I went ahead and put them on the truck. I had them set to the second notch. The ride is stiffer, but I will check them out more later.
  2. So what did you do? I have the 5100 for all around on my 18 double-cab. I doing have any issues at all with wanting to level it. I tow my boat and like to haul stuff sometimes... I do not tow/haul anything really heavy. I would like a lift for clearance. I wanted a better ride than the ranchos first. Second, more clearance would be nice. I thought about going to 3rd or 4th notch and adding a 1/2 inch or an inch to the rear of the truck. I want the rake. I have the 5100 on the rear now. I am going to do the front this weekend, but not sure if I will keep it stock height or do more. I know I could have used the 4600, but I wanted the silver color more than the yellow and blue. I am far from a mall crawler. I go camping, hunting, fishing, and down trails on our hunting property and BLM land a lot. I need performance over looks.
  3. Yeah. I will be doing that, i just don't want to to the spring compression
  4. Went to the shop to get a quote and an appointment to get my 5100 installed on the front of my 18. Was quoted $315 for install and alignment... I just hate that I have a lifetime alignment with firestone. The plus is this a a good shop... Another negative is the appointment is 3/9...
  5. Nope and you will LOVE IT! I recently did mine... Max 20 mins to install. I am upset a waited this long, it is just a better ride.
  6. I did. It's a very practical mod. Cargo nets and tarps can now be put on all around. Laying down the gate to care thing alike my kayak has a more security. My truck is not a junk truck, but I use it like a truck. No mall crawling here. I added some hooks to my bed as well. I also have a couple that line up directly on my took box. The hooks on the gate and tool box are not for heavy loads due to install location. The ones on the bed, I used for heavier loads. I still like the stock corner for the heaviest of loads. More so what you are looking for, they got the bill. Nothing aftermarket. I just installed some stainless steel "D-Rings" and used all stainless hardware. I painted them with bedliner, but you see that came off with usage.
  7. Installed the rear 5100 today. 15 minute job. taking for a drive across the tracks and different things and it just felt better. Have wanted to get rid of those other shocks since I purchased the truck and got tossed around on the freeway in Oakland... Going to let my local shop install the front.
  8. My goal is to have 5100s all around. I wanted to get rid of the ranchos since I got the truck. I don’t care about leveling the truck, but if I can get a lift, why not? I know I can get over 1.5 from the front on max. I am thinking of replacing the rear block with a 2”. I tow by boat and haul stuff from time to time... my truck is no mall crawler, I want to keep the rake. question is, if going max on front and the lift in the back, do I need to change or about anything else breaking or out of spec? I am not trying to do a full lift, just get a better ride overall. If I don’t do the lift, I will just put the front on the lowest setting and keep the rear block in place. your opinion matters. Thanks!
  9. Finally ordered a rear set of 5100 for my 2018 silverado. Purchased new on ebay for $135 plus $13 shipping. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pair-Bilstein-5100-Gas-Shocks-Rear-for-2014-18-Chevrolet-Silverado-1500-Off-Road-/184614244191?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 I had them in my cart for a few days and he sent me an offer for $15 discount. That was good enough for me. If you all need a set, I would shoot him a message.
  10. I will show pictures of mine. I have a vantop with front and rear. I ran rear cameras outside of my truck and on my lexus nx.
  11. It's a 2018... But I had the shop do a custom job. It's a magnaflow muffler that duels out. I originally had a single side out on the passenger. What he did was angled them down at each bumper corner. I like this . Still out of the water at most boat ramps. I I used to used a hitch haul with my FJ Cruiser... I always like tail pipes that go out re side... No need to roast my cargo.
  12. Just call and say you want unlimited internet for $15. Remote access can be $5 or $7 OnStar is $19 No costco bs, just ask for it. Shoot... Tell them you want it free and they will give it to you. I had OnStar for free all summer for my road trips. When I was going to expire I just told them that I wanted to keep trying it out. I knew I didn't want or need it... But free is free. What people fail to realize about the hotspot or the phone is that the service is stronger in the truck than your phone. I hunt and fish off the grid... The truck keeps me connected longer in places my cell phone loses long ago. So it's nice to have. In California, the 4g sucks in the truck. But once I got out of state on the road, it was rock solid. So, the $15 unlimited is good for me. Remote access... Not so much, but I still have it for $7.
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