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  1. So... You drive accross country? That's like all highway. What are you engine specs? What's your average speed? What's size tank. I can dig this. O hate driving my truck in the California cities, it burns gas in traffic, but going to the mountains to hunt and fish, whish I do a few times a week l, I get great gas mileage. So it is really a fun truck, not a daily commuter or anything like that. Mine is a 18 5.3
  2. I just go my first Truck, before that I had a FJ Cruiser. Previous to that, I was a car person and had a couple sports cars. I still have a sports car now that is my daily driver. My truck, like the FJ is my weekend/evening vehicle for specific tasks like hauling the boat or other toys. I got the Silverado because I needed something My FJ didn't have, a bed. I recently had back surgery, so loading things to the top of my FJ was more of a hassle. The FJ drives better than my Silverado and is more capable off-road, but I am liking the Silverado more and more. I miss my FJ, but only for the rock solid quality, the purpose built ability, comfortable ride, and its iconic status. My FJ was a 2013 with $48K miles.. I just about paid for my truck, and I still didn't get what I could have for it. The FJ is increasing in value daily... I love the Silverado for all the things it does better. it tows better, it has a bed that I just LOVE! The jump seat, leather, creature comforts, space, and looks are nice. I got a double cab and the longer bed. I can toss my kayaks or bike in it so fast. My hunting gear goes in easily as well in my tool box. One thing I really liked about the FJ was the uncarpeted floor. I just purchased floor liners for the truck that covers all carpet. I am happy with that. I just hope this Chevy lasts and gives me zero problems like my FJ did.
  3. I needed lights for the front and rear, but I wanted them to be descreet. Putting them behind the grill was a pains with the shutters. Made some mounts out of aluminum. The lights are very functional.
  4. Don't know you, but I will pray for you. Just keep living and striving. None of us know when our final day will be, so we should all cherish each day and the relationships that truly matter. Focus on all the good things and fight all the negative.
  5. I see pulled parts, oem, for the brake controllers. At this point it's really just the wires. So I would assume getting the oem part will hook right up and put the brake controller on the top right corner... That's what I am looking to do. Will cost about $60, cheaper than most after market controllers.
  6. I join forums for all of the vehicles I own. This is my first American vehicle and truck. 2018 Silverado LT Z71 Redline Edition. I bought a a few days ago. I originally had a FJ cruiser, but I wanted something with a bed. Thankfully the FJ held on to so much of it's value that it made getting this decked out truck easy.
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