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  1. 4600 have been standards for a long time. I have the 5100, but that just because i wanted just a little more off-road comfort... Something like that. I did the front and rear, but i think i want to put a smaller spacer in the rear, my little bass boat lowers my truck a little too much. I raised the front 5100 to the first notch and I wish i would not have. I do not mind a rake at all. Funny how we can compress these with our man strength but rely on them for a 1500 truck :). I was very happy with how fast these were to install. I did the same, just got under the truck and was patting myself on the back afterwards. You should not need an alignment.
  2. I have a 2018 redline double cab with 5.3 and 6 speed and 20" wheels. I have dropped my trans fluid 3 times over the course of ownership. I am now at 79k and owned the truck since new. There was clunk when i took it home... but it was never any shaky stuff. I had some shake and shimmy of the center console and rear for a little bit. I took truck to an old school wheel shop and the older man balanced all 4 the right way. I can go to 90mph+ and have a smooth ride. I did the transmission thermostat delete, run fresh fluid every 30k miles... I swapped the pan with one with a drain. My plan is to change filter every other fluid change. at this point, i would think my fluid is very new. At 35k, it was a little brown. I am now also changing my oil at 5k miles max. Just too dark at 30% life.
  3. @Grumpy Bear and everyone else. I have a 2018 Silverado 5.3 6L80. I did the thermostat delete last year after noticing temps going from 180 average to 190 towing in the summer. I dropped the pan/filter and changed fluid. I just did another pan drop, but this time added a pan with a drain plug so I can change fluid more frequently. Question... do we need to add more fluid to the trans than to the cold mark since the thermostat is gone? I ask because, when I originally did this, i filled to cold mark. Ran through the gears, drove it to warmer tems (140s is high as it will get during that time)... Then added more to stop any slight whine or anything else. Never had an issue... I just think i over filled it. It is always over the hot... I am doing quick little drain and fill again because i think the drain bold might have a leak, but i want to make sure i fill it back right. Filling what I took out, is usually about how it goes because I fill the new containers back up. What are your thoughts? I drained all my fluid down to the cold mark this morning. THank you in advance.
  4. Wifi is so slow in my truck... I am paying $15 a month, but it is just bad half the time. It is throttled or something. Buying unlimited through OnStar. Thought about putting it on my att unlimited, but I can always hotspot from phone. It's just me in truck
  5. My 2018 5.3 6spd hit 60k. I purchased it 4/19, 2 years and it's been run a lot. All over CA, across the country a few times. Towing my boat... Up mountains, in the woods, etc. I changed the transmission fluid and filter again. First time was at 34k. I would consider this extreme. I did the thermostat delete @34k when I did the fluid change. This time in Putnam new pan in with drain. Now I can drop more often so I can get the fluid fresh. The last time I used yelco fluid that I got for $4.50, but this time out when you use Valvoline because after $4.20. I changed the fluid in the transmission pan and the transfer case. Last time I changed at the differential and use amsoil severe gear in the front and the rear. I will change it around 75k and do another transfluid drop without changing the filter.
  6. I used that kit too. My temps stay in the 140s... However, I do see that when traffic stops and we are jokying, temps have started to go to 160s. I assume because radiator is. It being cooled off with air as truck is moving. Soon as I start driving, temps go back down. I saw a real improvement. Without the delete, temps were 180-190 driving or towing. I am about to swap pans to one with a drain. New filter and gasket for the change.
  7. Get another... It's just a bad pair and internal tabs are probably unable to lock.
  8. No, adding a physical button the back of the truck bed to power on cargo lights without going in cab. forum thread: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/225685-add-bed-light-switch-to-truck-bed/
  9. Finally did @jaeisber bed/cargo light switch mod. Very nice to be able to turn the cargo lights on without getting my dirty hands in the truck at night.
  10. DONE!!! Had the parts for a while, but finally had time to do it. Thank you.
  11. Ordered on with both drain and fill plug. Offer was accepted and I should have it here In a couple days. I am about to do a second drain and fill, this time smi am putting this on. I am debating if of will change filter or that stupid retaining ring. Most likely will as I don't plan to take the pan off again. I am driving my truck pretty hard. It is a 2018 and about to hit 58k. I did the first change at 30k so this will be good. Just debating on going to amsoil like I did the diffs... Sticking to acdelco is at the top of the list or I might go with Valvoline... I don't know if I will change the diffs this time like I did before at 30k...
  12. I hate this fake cleanup... I never use the blower for my yard. If I do at all, I vac. My mower has a bag... I sweep the yard/sidewalk and put all clippings in bin. I hate blowers. At the office, they would blow all debris on the vehicles... Blowers make no since to me
  13. I need to get one . I have changed my oil many times... 53k in two years... On a road trip now. I
  14. Put led lights in the cargo and 3rd break light. I put led in the reverse lights too.
  15. Raptor lined my oem side steps... They get the job done, so I wanted to restore then a little. UV and chipped paint were the issues before hand. Just because I was down there... I out some fluid film on some parts. I try to hit spots over time rather than do the who truck... So I clean and then film.
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