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  1. Put led lights in the cargo and 3rd break light. I put led in the reverse lights too.
  2. Raptor lined my oem side steps... They get the job done, so I wanted to restore then a little. UV and chipped paint were the issues before hand. Just because I was down there... I out some fluid film on some parts. I try to hit spots over time rather than do the who truck... So I clean and then film.
  3. Yeah sometimes you pay for the convenience... I think it's a prep work that takes a good amount of time and you just have to spray good after that. I'm pretty happy with my results. I'm going to spray my running boards as soon as the weather clears up. Probably use the rest of it to hit my toolbox a little bit.
  4. I hesitantly went to the dealer and set an appointment. They are booked a couple weeks out. I almost left it there. I checked my mobile app and it had a issue that a device might be causing an issue with my truck's diagnosis. I had seen this for a few weeks, but just assumed it was a non-issue. I have a range AFM disabler that has not given me issues. I started using it around 30k. I just hit 50k the day before I started having the issue. I looked online and there may be an update for it. They have a posted article for this: https://www.rangetechnology.com/blog/post/check_engin
  5. Well... My truck just stopped while driving. I started my truck and was on my way for 40 mile trip. I turned my signal on to make a pass, the wipers came on. Service stabiltrack came on and went off. So I kept driving and I got on my brakes as someone was getting on the highway... Radio flashes and services stabiltrack flashes again. Finally and thankfully as I got t to my destination, I turned down the street and then the truck just died... Earlier in the week, Service stabiltrack flashed when I was going in reverse... I will search the forum, but damn GM. I was
  6. No issues with that... Just stay int he slow lane. I don't care, when I lead, I move back to he slow lane. I leave the passing lane open, always. We almost got in an accident because a texter lost control in front of us, ran offroad from the left lane to the right shoulder, then back to the left shoulder... Thankfully I avoided all as I passed... After that, I had to get a massage at our destination... I was so tense. People need to pay attention. I don't care about speed, it's the damn texters or people watching tv on their phone.
  7. Just posting today, but I installed my new bumper over the weekend. I raptor lined the bumper and painted the inserts red. Before I put the new bumper on, I textured the corner of the truck behind the bumper and under the tailgate. Finally I painted my tips on my muffler to make them a glossy black over the matte black. I am going to raptor line the side steps next. Quite honestly, don't cannot believe how thin and cheep the stock bumper is...
  8. What's funny about this situation is that I had just drove my truck from Northern California to arkansas. I wasn't there 24 hours and I decided to go down to check out some of my hunting land... It recently rained but I didn't think I would have an issue. And I got stuck down there I knew I was in trouble. I call my cousin to bring one of the tractors from the farm down there to get me out, but he wasn't there. So my uncle brought his truck down there. But if he couldn't get me out with the truck, he was going to bring the other tractor. At this point I am just kicking myself. But thankfully
  9. Well... Got t stick in the mud on one of my hunting trails... So my uncle came and got me out... Then I backed into his truck hitch Now I need a bumper. I bought an eBay bumper to be painted and I am not happy with the fit and finish... So I am thinking of getting an aftermarket bumper... On top of that, my black/red redline wheels are scratched with swirls... I need to paint them. One time where the last minute decision to do something is the stupid thing I regret... Lost time and money over this.. still.need a bumper and to paint
  10. You pair $5 less than I did for the total package and install... Probably less in time too! Very happy so far
  11. 2x4 and ratchet strap is your friend. Does that pan have a drain bolt on it? I would love to just drain and fill more often...
  12. I just took mine yesterday... I have a 2018 that I purchased in April of 2019. I purchased new with 120 miles because they drove it from the dealership in lake county ca to their other location in Vacaville...
  13. Curious, what are you all use this for? I know someone will say you can use for anything like charging your phone or anything.. I'm just curious what do people actually use it for. I know of the summer I try to use it one time and I believe it was giving less power than I hope. The device complain about that port.
  14. You know the answer... Take them off. They will do whatever they can to get out of it. I hope that you have documentation from the previous time.. that might help to show that you were there or showed that there was an issue from the beginning. Steps should never cause an issue like this. The truck is designed to have stuff so the fact that they're on there shouldn't destroy the truck. I'm saying take them out just to not have them use that as an excuse. it's not like you are actually trying to screw them. You took this in from the beginning. And just like your intellect told y
  15. Did you just bout a 5.8 cover on your truck bed or did you cut a fit down to size?
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