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  1. Kansas law only applies to front 2 doors, rears can be as dark as you want. So Ive gotten in the habit of rolling both fronts immediately if getting pulled over and instructed the boys to do the same. Doesn't work every time (still gotten 1 ticket), but most cops are lax about the front I feel like. now if I had the windshield as well, that would probably be different, can't tint that here. I have some family in Panama that do 20% on the windshield because of the heat down there and it makes a huge difference but so much different driving at night. My terrain was a 2016. I do about 100 miles highway driving daily, so I figure that's also why the front end gets beat up (but my 2007 Silverado didn't show that much wear with that driving), so I also figure the newer vehicles have thinner paint. Also keep any eye on the finish of those wheels, that's the same ones I have on my Acadia and the clear coat starting peeling near the end of year 2 (granted I had like 45k miles, so it wasn't covered by warranty which was frustrating).
  2. looks great! Kansas has those dumb tint laws as well, but no one really follows them, I do 20% on all of ours now, I previously did 5% on 1 and couldn't see anything at night!
  3. I agree, I love the 2020 front end way better, I was going to switch mine out earlier this year, but decided to switch to the new Yukon once the demand goes down and dealerships are willing to negotiate. I wasn't a fan of the 2017-2019 much either, but I knew we were upgrading my wife's 2013 enclave to the new model once it came out, so didn't want 2 of the same vehicle and just didn't like the traverse or the XT6 that much either and I can find better deals on GMC/Buick than I can with the other 2 gm brands locally. I had a terrain for a year thinking I could live with it for my daily commute but it was too small for our needs, so I switched out of that quickly for the Acadia knowing it was just going to be for a couple of years. Only had that Terrain for 1 year and no front end protection and the bumper was trashed from road rash. Hopefully you can find someone to do a PPF on the front end of your car. we did the door edges and I also did the rocker panels on my wife's car as she claims she wants to keep it for awhile, so trying to protect that longer. Enjoy the new vehicles!
  4. No problem! otherwise its a good vehicle. I love the facelift of the 2020 way better than my 2017 front end. I also have a bench seat 2nd row (took awhile to find a denali w that spec). I believe other than front / rear fascia and switched transmission (with auto start/stop and push button), everything else is the same. I believe its the same transmission as my wife's enclave and it drives nice. Consider getting the front Xpel if you plan on keeping it for awhile. We have it on my acadia and wife's black Enclave, definitely worth the cost.
  5. You could reach out to Phil (pgamboa on this site) to see if he can make a harness to get the heated steering wheel to work. He makes them for the trucks, did it on both my silverado and sierra after I got used to having them on our daily drivers and it works great, swapped out for an OEM steering wheel.
  6. That’s great info. I’ll have to keep this in mind. I agree, I think there is a huge market for blacked out looks. I’ve been frustrated because there are no options for my Acadia, I was about to buy a black slt grill but I didn’t like the design of it as much, didn’t want to spend $400 on another chrome Denali grill. We switched out both chrome grills with black on our two trucks and it looks way better, I had been leaning towards Escalade instead of the Yukon just bc they offer the blacked out sport trim but not wanting to draw that much attention. My other thought was get a Denali and switch it out with an at4 front end but I’m worried it may not fit, at least that’s why GM says they will not offer the diesel in the at4 bc the accessories won’t fit with the front fascia, was not sure if the 6.2l would fit.
  7. Gotcha, how well does it hold up to bugs and road rash? Or its probably too new to tell? My daily driver is an Acadia Denali and the chrome surround on the grill has been beaten up over the last 2+ years. I have plastidip it white for now just to see how well it will hold up, so far its doing ok. I switched out the grill on our Sierra to a black Denali style (aftermarket as OEM didn't come that way obviously). It looks great and can't tell its aftermarket as far as fit and finish, but did not see that as an option yet for the 2021 Yukon. I would be frustrated to pay to paint the honeycomb portion and then have it chipping within a year.
  8. My 2014 Silverado LT and 2015 Sierra SLE both have step bumpers...
  9. crap same here! I have a Silverado and a Sierra steering wheels sitting in a box in the basement from my swapping them out.
  10. Thanks for the info, found a replacement one off another 1500. But just FYI to Vanguard, not all the interior is the same between 1500 vs 2500, the steering wheels have different weights in them, I have already done the heated steering swap on both my Silverado and Sierra and had to watch out to make sure to order the correct P/N for a 1500 and not 2500 truck. When I was looking up P/N for the radio, the 2500 had a different one than the 1500, they look the same, but not sure why the part numbers were different. Also Silverado and Sierra have different P/N because the silver trim piece is slightly different, tried swapping the two to see if they were interchangeable, and they work, but the silver is different (Silverado is more gloss and the Sierra is a flat brushed look), same with the steering wheel trim.
  11. looks great! I have been researching how I would do a chrome delete when I switch out vehicles next year. I love the Yukon look, but hate all the chrome. what did you use on the trim? gloss black vinyl?
  12. I have a 2014 Silverado LT, did the io6 upgrade (originally io5). The right knob on my radio control is messed up. Looks like its one large piece (Radio module interface). I am trying to find a replacement and was wondering if one off of a 2500 would work or I need to make sure its from a 1500? thanks in advance
  13. which generation are you looking for? 2017 has the limited (old gen similar to 2016 body style and larger) or the new current gen (just got a facelift and updated front and rear end and new shifter for 2020). I have a current gen 2017 acadia denali awd as my daily driver, bought new, definitely smaller than previous generation (wife had a previous gen Enclave, which we traded for a current gen Enclave - 2018), otherwise no major issues. I am at 92k miles (mostly highway miles). The current generation enclave/traverse has more 3rd row and trunk space and gets similar gas mileage. So unless you just love the Acadia current generation, I would lean towards those models for interior size. I like the Enclave alot, but went with the Acadia because I did not want 2 exactly same vehicles in the garage (yes we have a silverado and sierra but not exactly same!). The current generation gets better gas mileage. IF looking at previous generation, then the acadia/enclave/traverse are all the same size, so get what you like. we did not have major issues with our 2013 enclave. I will most likely switch out my current acadia with the new yukon next year once the kinks have been sorted through.
  14. man feels like this topic got side tracked. I believe OP mentioned it was a St. Louis area dealer. If you are still having issues, have you tried Laura Buick GMC over in Collinsville? They sell tons of lifted new GMC trucks, I have bought several vehicles from them (travel to get them as I live in KC area), but every time they always give me a "tour" of their facilities to try and get me to use them, but then I remind them I live across the state, but I always enjoy looking at all their volume and choices.
  15. it will be a very small box if you could fit a sub behind the seat. we just put a 10" single sub in one of our trucks and I cut the underseat storage in half and made a bracket for the cut end to attach to the side of the sub box so at least there is half the storage left.
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