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  1. try to unplug and replug the connectors. I have had the one on the airbag come loose a couple of times and it reset the warning light.
  2. Cant speak for the tuners as our teenagers daily drive the trucks, so they do not need the additional hp. But on both of our 4.3L v6 trucks (sierra and silverado), they both have AFM and switch from V6 to V4 on the cluster screen. Cant remember which screen it needs to be on, but I want to say its in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  3. I wanted to keep factory look and true plug and play for our 2 trucks, went with LLJ for their harness to attach the amp for the sub. Great quality, its a small side business, so it did take a few weeks to get, but overall happy with the product. My sons drive the trucks, so I didn't want to do anything overkill, so went with 1 12" under rear seat. Im sure they will want to upgrade the other speakers, but they have to come up with the money first.
  4. truck looks great, glad it got fixed easily. My son had a similar damage and your post made me think about trying to fix it myself to save some money since I was switching bumpers out anyways this weekend, was able to get it 90% better! I had a similar gas filling issue on our 2017 Acadia a couple of years ago, I think dealer said it was a fault secondary fuel sensor? I was still getting normal gas mileage, but gauge was way off. It was fixed under warranty as well.
  5. actually now that I think about it again, I was thinking cable, but Im pretty sure its a metal rod that spans the tracks now. I'll double check when I get home today.
  6. I'll double check that tonight, but from what I remember when I last messed with it (its been a few weeks), it was pretty taut. Initially when my son told me the seat was stuck in the rear position, I was wondering if that cable was loose or broken.
  7. I've ordered 2 harnesses over the last couple of years from them. From what I remember its only a couple of guys working and I do not think its their main job, doing it on the side. Quality is good and true plug and play. I think the first one took a bit due to back log (but he did communicate with me), then second one came pretty quick. I think right now back log might also be due to supply line as everything is short supply due to covid...
  8. Sounds like a silly question, but the front passenger seat (Manual) on our 2014 Silverado is somehow stuck in the most rearward position, which makes it difficult for someone to sit behind. I have looked underneath at the tracks and do not see anything broken or stuck in the track (compared it to our 2015 Sierra with manual passenger seat). It just seems like the right side track is not disengaging when we lift the handle to try and move it. Anyone have any tips on how to get it sliding again? I was trying to see if I could removed the seat completely from the truck to work on it outside of
  9. i found them on ebay when I did a body color match for our trucks.
  10. I put one on our 2015 sierra, looks great. got a new black bumper bar as well so it looks alot like the one posted above. not OEM quality when you hold the 2 grills side by side, but cant tell once its on the truck.
  11. ah, you might be correct. I could have sworn I read the same about the AT4, but I could be wrong. I would like the Denali interior with 6.2 with an AT4 front end. I was thinking about just purchasing an AT4 fascia and swapping it, but I thought I read that it would fit. I would be happy to be proven wrong.
  12. I bought a black Denali style grill for my 2015 on eBay, it was under $100. fits well and looks good. side by side to oem, definitely note as robust, but you can't tell from 5 feet away, get compliments on it all the time.
  13. I thought I read that the engine won't fit with the fascia on the AT4 given the approach angle on the AT4 vs Denali lower front bumper
  14. Kansas law only applies to front 2 doors, rears can be as dark as you want. So Ive gotten in the habit of rolling both fronts immediately if getting pulled over and instructed the boys to do the same. Doesn't work every time (still gotten 1 ticket), but most cops are lax about the front I feel like. now if I had the windshield as well, that would probably be different, can't tint that here. I have some family in Panama that do 20% on the windshield because of the heat down there and it makes a huge difference but so much different driving at night. My terrain was a 2016. I do abou
  15. looks great! Kansas has those dumb tint laws as well, but no one really follows them, I do 20% on all of ours now, I previously did 5% on 1 and couldn't see anything at night!
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