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  1. Laura GMC Trade In

    wow thats awesome, I tried that with several local dealers and no one could match, one got about $3k from price and was trying to say "you would be supporting your local dealer if you bought with us." At another dealership (where I previously took all my vehicles for service), the sales manager called me a liar when I told him the price I was offered, needless to say, I walked out and haven't returned with any of my vehicles (before calling me a liar, I told him I had 5 GM vehicles that all get regular service at his service dept and he could look it up to confirm, he didn't bother looking my service record up). As I mentioned, with upgrading my wife's car a few months ago, I was ready to fly out to Laura again, but noticed Robert Brogden actually had a better price, so went there to check it out and ended up leaving with a new car for the wife. Each time I had been there, was told about other customers flying in from different places (east coast and west), so they do a lot of internet sales.
  2. 2018 Silverado 2500hd homelink mod

    I got mine for $90, new remote for my opener is $40. Plus the cost of all the other stuff (since I don't know where my sodder gun is, Id have to buy a new one) plus my time, less than 10 minutes overall done with install and programming. Not dissing your method, just saying for less than $50 difference and my time saved, it was worth it to me.
  3. Adding Home Link?

    yea, i got 10% off. went back and forth a couple of times. Motown-partsman
  4. Adding Home Link?

    So just FYI for anyone interested in doing this. PN: 84083245 is a direct replacement plug and play that took less than 5 minutes to complete the entire install. I removed the stock overhead console and unplugged the main harness connector and plugged in the part number above and it worked. I only had to switch out the passenger airbag light and put into the new part. There was no additional harness to try and find a plug in for (this PN above included the harness for me along with the homelink). I did NOT have the have any extra plugs to try and plug in or find a ground or power wire as some have mentioned previously as everything connected through the main harness. Programming took 1 more minute and now having functional homelink, lights and passenger air bag light in less than 10 minutes. I purchased on Ebay for less than $100. This is on a 2014 LT without sliding rear window. Ash grey in color.
  5. 2018 Silverado 2500hd homelink mod

    So just FYI for anyone interested. I was going to do the above and sodder in a button and hide a stock remote, but after pricing everything out (including a new remote as I usually grab the remote to move between other vehicles as well) and it turned out to be not much more than to purchase a new overhead console on Ebay. (PN: 84083245). It is a direct replacement, took 5 minutes to remove the old console, pop out the airbag light and plug into new one. This is a direct plug a play with the only thing I had to unplug was the large main harness and plug in the new one. I did NOT have the have any extra plugs to try and plug in or find a ground or power wire. Already programmed the home link and working with no issues.
  6. Laura GMC Trade In

    I have bought 4 vehicles for Laura Buick GMC over the last 5 years (Live in KC, so its about a 4 hour drive or 1 hour flight). I have talked to them about trading in and they would give me a fair price, but I ended up just selling to the local car max (or we sold our last one to wife's sister for the trade in price). Drove out with the wife for the first 2 and drove 2 cars back (took the kids and made a weekend trip). The last 2, I just flew out and they picked me up from the airport and brought me to the dealership and I was on the road within a couple of hours. They have always been stand up guys with me, hence why I kept going back, plus like you said, price could not be beat previously by anyone locally. Couple of months ago, traded the wife's Enclave for a new one and actually found it cheaper locally at Robert Brogan Buick GMC in Olathe, KS and it saved me the hassle of traveling to Laura Buick (might want to check them out as well if you are traveling anyways). Only down side was that since it was an instate purchase for us, had to pay Olathe's slightly higher sales tax than the county we live in. As long as you did not with hold any pertinent information regarding your trade in, they are usually good about honoring the quote. or like someone said, take it to carman and get a trade in quote thats good for the week and can sell your call locally.
  7. 2018 Silverado 2500hd homelink mod

    awesome, thanks for the pic.
  8. 2018 Silverado 2500hd homelink mod

    thanks for the info, will be tackling this project soon! so really, I could hide this switch else where if you were not tapping into any of the wires in the upper console.
  9. 2018 Silverado 2500hd homelink mod

    do you recall which wires you tapped into? also how is the switch connected to the garage door opener?
  10. 2018 Silverado 2500hd homelink mod

    can you provide more info? pics of how it is mounted underneath that? I want to add this rather than having my remote clipped to the visor, but trouble justifying spending that much money when I'll be giving the truck to the kids in a year.
  11. Frustrated with Xpel PPF

    I have ultimate on our daily drivers and had a similar issue, larger rock tore through the Xpel and scratched the tricoat white paint. I was told it was not covered under warranty, if you hear differently, please let me know! While it is frustrating, I can say the Xpel does help but its not 100%. I drive 40,000+ miles annually (mostly highway) and after 1 year, my old car (brand new) was covered in road rash on the front end, definitely hurt the resale value. Current vehicle is just over 1 yr old (Xpel ultimate applied immediately after purchase) and only have 1 small scratch on the front end from the rock that tore through. The chrome grill does not have Xpel and it does show some rash on it already, but bumper look good. My wife's car is black and definitely helps keep it looking nicer, added rocker panel pieces on hers as well. I was debating on whether or not to spend the money on the silverado, but I'll be handing that down to the kids next year and I'm sure they will do more damage than I care to know, so Im not investing more money into protecting that paint.

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