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  1. got mine on gmpartsdirect. The sierra has alittle different silver trim shape than the silverado steering wheel and is about $30 more. could use either, but the sierra version would match the other trim on the dash as it is more of a brushed flat and the silverado wheel is more glossy.
  2. Side view mirror issues

    just to update this in case this happens to anyone else. I finally had time to take the truck in and get looked at. They were stumped too, as they put in 2 new switches and same thing happened. then they replaced both motors, did not work. Then decided to keep the truck and spent the last 2 days tracing the wiring. Turns out during previous ownership, someone took apart the door and when they went to hook things back up, bent 2 of the prongs in one of the plugs, so it was shorting out and burning up the switches. They fixed the connection, got a new switch, now mirrors work in all 4 directions! despite what the selling manager tried to tell me that only SLT and up trim levels had 4 way mirrors and SLE was 2 way...
  3. Side view mirror issues

    So I went out and looked at the truck today and now its back to BOTH sides not going up and down, only side to side. This is a new OEM switch that last night was working on the right side, but left side only going side to side. would you still think its the mirror heads as the right side was working last night when I put the new switch in?
  4. Side view mirror issues

    so I got a new switch and the passenger side works in all 4 directions, but driver's side mirror only goes left and right still. I switched it out with the switch on my slivered and still the same thing. Any ideas on where to look next?
  5. So I just picked up a 2015 Sierra SLE this weekend and the power side view mirrors only adjust horizontal (left and right) but not vertical (up and down) on both sides. The manager at the dealership said this is normal and that I have to adjust it by hand to go up and down (told him I also have a 2014 Silverado LT and its moves in all 4 directions and why would GM put a 4 way switch if it only moved 2 directions, plus who has ever heard of a power mirror only moving 2 directions?!). I ended up just getting up the truck as I got the price I wanted and because the manager was not interested in having his shop look into it prior to a sale, but the truck did come with a 3 month warranty that does cover the mirrors that has $0 deductible, I would just rather save myself the trouble of scheduling an appt for the truck to be looked at if its just a loose connection or something. I tried to do a search but did not find much info about mirrors only moving 2 out of 4 directions. Is it an easy trouble shoot? I have found videos on how to open up the door panel. I am thinking something with the switch since both sides have the same issue vs both motors going bad? I just got the 2014 silverado a few months ago and have not had a chance to do many mods to it yet (trying to keep it to a minimum as the reason for 2 similar trucks is for a surprise birthday present for the twins in a few months and Id rather spend money on upgrades on the vehicles I'll drive more regularly).
  6. 2014 1500 stereo upgrade

    another vote for contacting MVI to get an upgrade OEM headunit with car play. way cheaper than going aftermarket and all functions still work. well the steering wheel mute and answer do not work when phone is plugged in, but works with blue tooth, I believe you need to do a cluster update to get that working as well. I recently did this to my Silverado and love it.
  7. I was not trying to start an argument, and I do not think anyone has said factory NAV was better than Google maps. My point was that in my other vehicles with factory NAV, I have lost cell signal but factory NAV was still working. Its been rare, but it has happened in Colorado and Kansas while traveling more rural areas. Off the top of my head, I know of 4 locations where this has occurred to me. Generally, I agree if one works, then both will. I was merely throwing my 2 cents out there as that was mentioned to me when I was debating on whether or not to stick with IO5 or spend the extra $300 to go to IO6. At that point, the cost was a moot point to me (which I know will not be the case for everyone), so I decided to get the IO6. I agree Off line maps would solve the issue, but you would have to know ahead of time to download it. That has not always been the case with me. If I know, then I will do that. My other issue was that this truck will be going to my son next year and I would rather have the piece of mind that he has both options available for maps if needed. Once again, not trying to convince everyone to do IO6 over IO5, just throwing out my reasoning. Also not sure if my old IO5 was going bad or what (just got this truck a few months ago and don't drive it often), but my wife would complain when I would talk to her over bluetooth because of extra noise. Since doing the upgrade, no issues and she cannot tell which car I am driving based on what she is hearing on her end. I do think this is a great upgrade either way!
  8. while I agree that google maps or waze are updated more regularly and give live updates. The one caveat to remember is if you are in a rural area with no cell service, then the maps will not work, but factory GPS might have signal and still work. I ran into this issue when I was driving through Colorado in the past. I just did this upgrade in my Silverado and spent the extra money to have both options. My thinking is that its a small extra cost to the project and its nice to have the backup. Now if you don't travel or live in areas with sketchy cell service, then might not be worth the extra money.
  9. I was excited about this when I first heard about Cadillac coming out with a 3 row finally that is smaller than the Escalade, as for my DD, I prefer something with better gas mileage but still needing room for at least 6. But what is not mentioned above, is that size wise its the same as the new Acadia and smaller than the new Enclave/Traverse. We have both a new style Acadia and Enclave and it will be hard for me to justify switching either out for the XT6 given the price jump but then decrease of space (compared to Enclave) or just price jump (compared to Acadia). I was hoping that it would be the size of the Enclave/Traverse with more upgrades, which would help justify making a switch from Enclave to XT6...
  10. Heated seat wiring

    Pgamboa, thanks for that info...man that's way more complicated than I would have thought to just use the OEM switches! Guess I'll probably just get an aftermarket kit and see if I can mount the switch in the stock location.
  11. I was swapping out my radio for the MVI upgrade to CarPlay and io6 today on my 2014 silverado LT and noticed that the wiring for heated seat controls was behind the trim piece that plugs into a blank spot on the back of the trim piece (red circles in the picture). I was wondering if there is a chance I can swap out seats for heated ones (just swapped out the steering wheel for heated one) or if I would have to go aftermarket if I wanted a heated seat. I know aftermarket would be cheaper, but trying to keep OEM look. Other idea I had was to get an aftermarket kit and see if its possible to use OEM switch and run the wiring up there.
  12. I ended up going with MVI as well, I was apprehensive about due to costs about if it would be worth it since its not a DD and I plan on handing this vehicle down to the boys next year when they start driving. But after having to drive and try to hold my phone for GPS, figured it would be safer for them as well as more convenient for me when I am driving it to just do the upgrade. Definitely worth it if anyone is on the fence. I did with factory nav as well as in the occasional instance when we are out of cell service, can at least still use factory nav. Everything functioning like it does on our DD's that have factory nav and CarPlay. I know there might be some cheaper options out there, but MVI sends everything you need in 1 package and was very patient and helpful when I was asking questions before my purchase.
  13. Heated steering wheel

    just wanted to give a shootout to pgamboa for making the harness and helping me with making sure I ordered the correct parts. Between the harness and the videos, this was a super easy swap and now I have heated steering wheel in all of our vehicles!
  14. Laura GMC Trade In

    wow thats awesome, I tried that with several local dealers and no one could match, one got about $3k from price and was trying to say "you would be supporting your local dealer if you bought with us." At another dealership (where I previously took all my vehicles for service), the sales manager called me a liar when I told him the price I was offered, needless to say, I walked out and haven't returned with any of my vehicles (before calling me a liar, I told him I had 5 GM vehicles that all get regular service at his service dept and he could look it up to confirm, he didn't bother looking my service record up). As I mentioned, with upgrading my wife's car a few months ago, I was ready to fly out to Laura again, but noticed Robert Brogden actually had a better price, so went there to check it out and ended up leaving with a new car for the wife. Each time I had been there, was told about other customers flying in from different places (east coast and west), so they do a lot of internet sales.
  15. 2018 Silverado 2500hd homelink mod

    I got mine for $90, new remote for my opener is $40. Plus the cost of all the other stuff (since I don't know where my sodder gun is, Id have to buy a new one) plus my time, less than 10 minutes overall done with install and programming. Not dissing your method, just saying for less than $50 difference and my time saved, it was worth it to me.

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