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  1. We have both a 2017 Denali Acadia (my daily) and a 2018 Enclave Avenir (wife) (same size as Traverse). Also have 2 full size trucks etc. I would say if you are downsizing from a full size truck, I would lean towards the traverse/enclave over the Acadia/XT6. I do like the Acadia and only got it because I knew we were going to upgrade my wife from her old Enclave to the new one so I did not want 2 of the same vehicles. They get about the same gas mileage but the increased size for the 3rd row and the trunk has us using the Enclave more when we do family things, even if we are only using 4 seats. the trunk on the acadia/XT6 with the 3rd row up is pretty small. If looking at Traverse, also consider the Enclave, yes a little more expensive, but comes with a longer warranty and better resale (also we think it has nicer finishes). We actually got a better deal on her enclave than my Acadia so it was only about 1-2k price difference (found a local dealership that actually had better prices than the previous one outside of St. Louis that I had purchased the last 4 vehicles from).
  2. I have a 17 Denali. 2 issues Ive had is had to have the secondary fuel sensor replaced and had the shift to park issue, so had the assembly replaced, these were under my extended warranty. I also have the clear coat peeling, noticed it just outside of the factory bumper to bumper warranty and my extended warranty doesn't cover wheel finish, so Ive just dealt with it. I have about 74k miles on it in the 2.5 yrs Ive driven it. I plan on selling it once the 2021 Yukon is available.
  3. I have an extended warranty on my 17 Acadia and had that issue pop up last year, I didn't pay attention to what all they had to do since it was covered, but I thought the dealership said there was a sensor that went out in the shift assembly, replaced it and no issues since.
  4. No Traverse here, but my wife has the current generation Enclave avenir (Same size as Traverse just nicer finishes, especially on the Avenir, I was not as impressed with the base trims) for just over a year now and about 21k miles on it and we have not had any issues. Buick has a 4yr 50k mile bumper to bumper warranty also, so not quite as long as the Kia, but better than GMC/Chevy. My daily is the current generation Acadia (same platform, but shorter length). I like the larger size better (Enclave/Traverse) than the shorter (Acadia/XT6) as the 3rd row is more usable and the trunk space as well. My Acadia is about 2.5 years old, 74k miles, I had to have the one of the fuel sensor replaced and a sensor in the shifter (that was preventing the car from realizing it was in park so I could not turn off the ignition) replaced - these were both under warranty and then I recently has to replace the 3rd brake light due to the retainer clip not holding tight and allowing water in (out of warranty), I was planning on switching to the new Acadia (just because I didn't want 2 of the same vehicles), but now I am going to get the 2021 Yukon as my daily later this year.
  5. great, thanks for the info, I was able to find one local for cheaper than what I was initially seeing online!
  6. Nevermind my previous question. I was able to pull our Silverado up next to Sierra to take a closer look at the 2 taillights and noticed they have different shape along the bottom...so looks like I am going to have find a Sierra 1500 specific tail light. Anyone have any recommendations on websites? Im finding limited options for the Sierra.
  7. I am trying to replace a cracked taillight for a 2015 Sierra 1500 and was wondering other than appearance (looks like the clear back up light lens is a different shape), would a Silverado taillight fit the same? I am able to find a Silverado 1500 taillight much cheaper (and it lists a 3500 dually Sierra as fitting but not a 1500 series). I prefer OEM appearance but does not necessarily have to be OEM as this is my son's truck and not looking to spend a lot of money. If the Silverado's will fit, I might pick up a pair of those and switch them out instead.
  8. I just got one on amazon and it worked on 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 GM vehicles. haven't tried it on a 2019, but I do not think they changed the TPMS systems.
  9. why not drive it to the prospective house and try parking it? It looks like you have a lift, so I would also check the height of it.
  10. Are you missing one of the metal clips that hold it in place or is one loose? I had one missing from the Sierra that I got last year, previous owner (or some shop) must have taken it apart and not paid attention to detail putting it back together. They also bent a connection to the side view mirror harness which kept burning out the up and down power functions.
  11. The wheels are interchangeable but the silver trim piece pattern is slightly different shape and finish.
  12. I think it was a blessing then that someone else bought the truck, they are trying to hide something if they won't let you independently have the vehicle inspected. The V8's along with the V6's drop to V4 mode for cylinder deactivation for fuel economy. Yea gas mileage on the older trucks is why I went with a K2 for the boys. Insurance is already going to be expensive enough for teenage boys! Honestly I would like at new trucks as well as they can have some deep rebates, especially if its a car you plan to keep for awhile. I have purchased several vehicles from Laura Buick GMC outside of St. Louis, in Collinsville (called and negotiated and settled on price, put a small deposit down, flew out there and had them pick me up from airport and drove home that day). They do a ton of internet and phone sales and pick-up customers from airport all the time from across the country. They are usually #1 or 2 volume sales in US and their selection is a bit ridiculous if you ask me. They have great deals and local dealerships in KC area usually can't get close to them. We bought my wife's Enclave from Robert Brogden in Olathe, KS last year as they actually had a better price than the other dealership (although I was ready to make another trip to St. Louis for the Enclave if we didn't get a similar deal locally). If you are financing, you can get better rates with new car than used and that could offset the cost. Good luck with your search.
  13. No problem, it annoyed the crap out of me and I even took apart the door a couple of times and couldn't figure it out. Hopefully its not a cracked frame!
  14. no offense taken. I have always been a V8 guy since I got my LS1 TA years ago (and still have). These are the first full size trucks/SUVs that I have gotten without a V8 (expedition, yukon, silverados in the past). And honestly when I get the next truck (after the boys move out and I won't have access to a truck regularly), I will probably get a v8 as currently I am eyeing an AT4 and ill probably go 6.2 just because it will be more fun to drive. But once again, it wouldnt be my daily so I would not worry about gas mileage. But also on the cylinder deactivation for fuel economy...I believe the V8s also do this, not just the V6, but someone can correct me if I am wrong. (unless you are just talking about starting with a V6 instead of v8), but both engines drop to 4 cylinders when not needing extra power. Im just saying, if you see a great deal and the only potential downside is the 4.3, it might not be that big of a difference if you had an older V8. Now compared to the newer 5.3 or 6.2, yes, they are a step down, but they can hold their own to previous generations. That being said, get what you want and if you think the price is worth it, then that is what matters. But don't be afraid to expand the search to a larger area as the internet has changed the game for car sales in favor of the customer I feel like. Texas always has good deals and minimal body rust. Its easy to hop on a 1 way flight and pick up a vehicle (i have done it for 4 so far). When I was searching for the 2nd truck (trying to match the 1st one on options since we have twin boys and wanting to keep it similar), I found several 5.3V8 within $1000 of the v6, so deals can be found if you are patient and willing to look outside of your immediate vicinity. And yes, one concern I have about older vehicles with low miles is how long has it sat and what condition hoses are in as well. If a dealership wouldnt let me take a vehicle to have a 3rd party inspect it, I would pass on it.
  15. I can try to get a pick of it when I get home, didnt drive either of them today. But if you look under the passenger seat, it was about right in the middle. It was a plastic wiring harness that was clipped onto a metal bracket. Took me awhile to figure it out, thought it was something rattling in the door as I would only hear it while driving the truck with no one in the passenger seat. When I tapped on the harness it recreated the sound that I was hearing when driving, just bent it slightly and it has stopped. If it returns, I might just put some tape around it to hold it tightly against the metal bracket.
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