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  1. man feels like this topic got side tracked. I believe OP mentioned it was a St. Louis area dealer. If you are still having issues, have you tried Laura Buick GMC over in Collinsville? They sell tons of lifted new GMC trucks, I have bought several vehicles from them (travel to get them as I live in KC area), but every time they always give me a "tour" of their facilities to try and get me to use them, but then I remind them I live across the state, but I always enjoy looking at all their volume and choices.
  2. it will be a very small box if you could fit a sub behind the seat. we just put a 10" single sub in one of our trucks and I cut the underseat storage in half and made a bracket for the cut end to attach to the side of the sub box so at least there is half the storage left.
  3. I found mine on eBay as a pull off unit and it was plug and play and around $90, but that was a couple years ago.
  4. I just did the LLJ harness and it was easy install, took a couple of weeks to get the harness as they were behind, but communicated well. I plan on getting another adapter for the other truck.
  5. ah dang, well if I was given a gm set for free... I might have kept it! I just didn't want to spend money on a set that didn't cover where most of the salt and sand falls in the winter time.
  6. GM does not offer a mat that covers under the gas pedal for these trucks. I have/had GM ones for Terrain, acadia and enclave and they all covered under the gas pedal. And I do like their quality/feel the best, but I wanted coverage under the gas pedal. I have had husky and WT in previous vehicles. between the 2, I prefer Husky as I felt like the WT were more rigid and would curl up more on the edge. For our 2 K2 trucks, I actually took a chance and bought a set of oEdRo mats off amazon (front and rear for double cab) for under $100 for the set and feel like they are just as good as the Husky's.
  7. that sucks, one of our boys backed into the trashcan and knocked a hole into one of the Sierra taillights and I didn't want to spend $150+ for replacement, was able to find one at local salvage yard for alot less.
  8. Laura BuickGMC in Collinsville (St. Louis metro) has great prices on any new GMC or Buick, I have flown over there and purchased 4 vehicles. We bought our last one from Robert Brogan in Olathe (KC area) as it was local and actually had better deal for the Enclave at the time, I wouldn't hesitate to go with either dealership again, I am actually waiting for the 2021 yukon and will most likely go with one of those dealerships again. Also in Q4, costco members have gotten good deals on GM vehicles that might be an option if you are waiting on a 2021 and do not live close to St Louis or KC areas. I would say if you like the AT4 more and keep your vehicles that long, I would wait another 6 months and get that. If you trade out every couple of years, then its up to you.
  9. yes it will work, but the silver finish will be slightly different than the rest of the silver pieces in the truck (radio and door). I have both a silverado and sierra and while they are very close, it is slightly different. one is more glossy and the other is more matte and brushed finish. But this is a great price, I did the silverado upgrade a couple years ago and just did the sierra one last year.
  10. Just FYI, the costco pricing is best on GM vehicles from Oct - Dec, so probably not much currently. I would look at pricing at high volume dealers, I have gotten 15-20% off sticker on our last several vehicles by buying at 2 dealerships relatively close to me with up front pricing that I was happy with so I didn't have to do a back and forth. Ive purchased from Laura Buick GMC outside of St. Louis and more recently at Robert Brogden in KC area.
  11. I'll just throw my 2 cents in here as well. I was initially hesitant to purchase a 4.3L v6. before the purchase, I was reading up on pro's and con's and read mostly con's from people that never drove the v6. I currently have 2 4.3L trucks for our boys. I previously had an 07 silverado with a V8 and I did not notice any significant difference after a test drive with the 2014 silverado, so I ended up selling that for the first 4.3L as the v6 had similar tow ratings as the previous truck, but got way better gas mileage as a bonus. Truck was able to cruise at 80 mph and pass on highway. Granted, I do not tow much and I planned on handing down the truck to the boys when they started driving, so I was fine with the cost savings when I got the 2014 truck. I did not mind the acceleration in V6 as much as it is a full size truck, so yes the 5.3L and 6.2L would be faster, but if I want speed, I'll drive my H&C TA that day. While I will most likely opt for the larger engine on the next truck I buy to keep for myself, that just a personal preference, just like I do not need Denali trim packages on my DD, but its nice upgrades. If you do not plan on towing heavy loads that maxes out the capabilities of the v6, then this truck does just fine. If you need higher towing capacities, then yes, of course the v6 won't hold up well against the larger engines, but I would say for 90% of people out there, the v6 is plenty. If you just want bragging rights, then that is fine, but I don't think its necessary to put down someone because they say that they are happy with their v6, for their purposes, it may work out great.
  12. We have both a 2017 Denali Acadia (my daily) and a 2018 Enclave Avenir (wife) (same size as Traverse). Also have 2 full size trucks etc. I would say if you are downsizing from a full size truck, I would lean towards the traverse/enclave over the Acadia/XT6. I do like the Acadia and only got it because I knew we were going to upgrade my wife from her old Enclave to the new one so I did not want 2 of the same vehicles. They get about the same gas mileage but the increased size for the 3rd row and the trunk has us using the Enclave more when we do family things, even if we are only using 4 seats. the trunk on the acadia/XT6 with the 3rd row up is pretty small. If looking at Traverse, also consider the Enclave, yes a little more expensive, but comes with a longer warranty and better resale (also we think it has nicer finishes). We actually got a better deal on her enclave than my Acadia so it was only about 1-2k price difference (found a local dealership that actually had better prices than the previous one outside of St. Louis that I had purchased the last 4 vehicles from).
  13. I have a 17 Denali. 2 issues Ive had is had to have the secondary fuel sensor replaced and had the shift to park issue, so had the assembly replaced, these were under my extended warranty. I also have the clear coat peeling, noticed it just outside of the factory bumper to bumper warranty and my extended warranty doesn't cover wheel finish, so Ive just dealt with it. I have about 74k miles on it in the 2.5 yrs Ive driven it. I plan on selling it once the 2021 Yukon is available.
  14. I have an extended warranty on my 17 Acadia and had that issue pop up last year, I didn't pay attention to what all they had to do since it was covered, but I thought the dealership said there was a sensor that went out in the shift assembly, replaced it and no issues since.
  15. No Traverse here, but my wife has the current generation Enclave avenir (Same size as Traverse just nicer finishes, especially on the Avenir, I was not as impressed with the base trims) for just over a year now and about 21k miles on it and we have not had any issues. Buick has a 4yr 50k mile bumper to bumper warranty also, so not quite as long as the Kia, but better than GMC/Chevy. My daily is the current generation Acadia (same platform, but shorter length). I like the larger size better (Enclave/Traverse) than the shorter (Acadia/XT6) as the 3rd row is more usable and the trunk space as well. My Acadia is about 2.5 years old, 74k miles, I had to have the one of the fuel sensor replaced and a sensor in the shifter (that was preventing the car from realizing it was in park so I could not turn off the ignition) replaced - these were both under warranty and then I recently has to replace the 3rd brake light due to the retainer clip not holding tight and allowing water in (out of warranty), I was planning on switching to the new Acadia (just because I didn't want 2 of the same vehicles), but now I am going to get the 2021 Yukon as my daily later this year.
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