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  1. Agreed. Needs to go back to simple. Just bought SpeedQueen washer and dryer with pull to start control and zero electronics....old school simple baby! Tired of buying stuff that's engineered to fail after a few years.
  2. It looks like your 2017 dims properly, my 2018, when in reverse, does not dim when I move the dimmer switch.
  3. I searched the forum and found nothing. Can you tell me where the TSB is located in the forum?
  4. Have had my 2018 Colorado Z71 for about a week now. Seems to stay in a gear that keeps the RPM at about 2000 at any given time. This seems high a gas mileage seems to be suffering. Anyone else notice this? Second, a few of the gears sound a little loud, that's the best way I can describe it. If I ease off the gas it quiets down. Kind of like something is out of balance.
  5. Can you add the 2018 Colorado to the forum title?
  6. Did you go to the dealer? I just bought a 2018 Colorado Z71 and am having the same issue. AC is off and no AC light, suddenly ice cold air coming from the vents. I only had the fan on. Other issue is backup camera display brightness too bright at night. It's not adjustable and is a safety issue because I cannot see out of the right mirror (because I am blinded by the light).
  7. Just bought a 2018 Colorado Z71. When backing up at night, the backup screen is so bright, I cannot see the right side mirror. This is a safety hazard. How do I turn down the display brightness when in reverse? The dim scroll button to the left of the steering wheel dims the dash and display during driving, but put it in reverse and the display goes to full brightness. This is an accident waiting to happen!
  8. New to forum. First GM's were in the 90's with a 1994 Saturn SL1 ( very first new car) followed by my 1997 Saturn SC1. Then many other cars until 2010 Tahoe LTZ ( still loving this ride.. Like driving my living room recliner). The last month I had a stroke, so last week I traded in my 2012 Challenger RT (6 speed manual with 10, 500 miles that I could no longer drive) for an automatic Colorado Z71. Sad day
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